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We partner with firms in the D2C and B2B wealth and asset management space globally, enabling them to transform their business models, client experiences and internal operations to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

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Our wealth & asset management expertise

The wealth and asset management sector has been weathering a perfect storm of economic uncertainty, rising interest rates and poor market performance. In addition, thematic challenges of poor data quality, clunky manual processing and increasing regulatory expectations are perpetuating inefficient and high-cost operating models. In parallel, we are experiencing an unprecedented inter-generational transfer of global wealth, driving rapidly evolving (and digital) client demands.  


Significant technological advances are disrupting the industry as digital tools improve the accessibility of investment products, and trends such as hyper-personalisation, embedded wealth, artificial intelligence and wealth-as-a-service threaten to revolutionise the underlying business and servicing model used by wealth and asset managers for decades. Alternative asset classes are emerging rapidly, with customers increasingly demanding expertise and accessibility to new products such as digital assets and ESG impact. 


Market consolidation is inevitable, as wealth managers, fund administrators and trust companies seek safety in numbers, reducing costs and generating operational efficiencies. We are entering an era of wealth management powerhouses, putting smaller and mid-sized asset managers under increasing tension. To remain competitive and relevant, players in the wealth management and fund administration space must transform their business models, client experiences and servicing models while simultaneously maintaining (and enhancing) operational stability.


We help our clients (across B2C and B2B wealth management, fund administration and trust services)  imagine, define and execute differentiated and winning strategies, enabling their evolution to serve the next generation of wealth with revolutionary client experiences, growing new market share.


Unleash the power of AI for your business

Our new generative AI tool is designed to redefine how your team approaches document and report analysis – cutting it by 95%. We can empower your business to revolutionise workflows and achieve unparalleled productivity gains, leading to a new performance potential.

Why Elixirr


We partner with firms to drive the growth of their client base and assets under management by defining differentiated strategies, understanding the disruptive trends impacting their sector and implementing best-in-class marketing and sales execution


We offer an end-to-end digital proposition design and build capability to support wealth managers and investment technology providers to reimagine key components of the historically clunky and cumbersome customer lifecycles. We leverage our strategic data and proprietary AI capabilities to further enhance these processes


We bring deep industry and subject matter expertise to advise our clients on emerging product classes and related regulatory insights, from ESG and impact through to digital and tokenised assets – supporting clients in retaining and growing market share


We advise clients on complex operating model transformations, restructuring, back and middle-office outsourcing, platform and data migrations and consolidation activities, leveraging our expertise across wealth, fund administration and trust sectors (in both onshore and offshore markets), to optimise costs and ensure the long-term sustainability of their businesses

How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Define winning strategies
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We help key players in the wealth management and fund administration sector to grow their client base and assets under management by defining strategies that enable them to remain competitive and grow market share within the next generation of wealth. We offer exclusive insights on key trends impacting the sector so our clients can capitalise on opportunities spanning from client segmentation to new proposition design and assessing international market entry options. Supported by our end-to-end digital execution capabilities, we enable firms to optimise distribution models via transforming go-to-market tactics, and next-generation marketing and sales capabilities.

Optimise and redesign client and adviser lifecycles
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Our extensive experience building leading client experiences and customer journeys means we’ll help you optimise and redesign crucial components of the client and adviser lifecycles. This will help attract and retain more investors and their assets, particularly with respect to emerging investor / family office segments (for example, the next generation of wealth). Our end-to-end digital capabilities (including biometric customer testing) enable us to analyse existing customer journeys and identify pain points before redesigning, testing, iterating and building processes to improve customer satisfaction and create efficiency gains. We’ll introduce you to our proprietary technology capabilities (such as generative AI) and extensive network of technology partners to accelerate the sourcing and integration of market-leading technology that optimises key processes and experiences within wealth management lifecycles (for example KYC, robo-advice, self-servicing).

Create compelling product and portfolio offerings
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We’ll connect you with our dedicated team, leveraging their experience in-sector, as well as subject-matter expertise in alternative asset classes and emerging regulations, to help you optimise product and portfolio offerings and introduce new asset classes. From ESG and impact through to digital assets or cross-border regulation, our team will guide you through the decision making process on introducing new asset classes, while also helping you logistically and operationally in your journey to build new product and portfolio offerings, from proposition design through to launch, distribution and servicing.

Reconfigure back and middle office to reduce cost
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We understand the increased cost and efficiency pressures hitting key players across the wealth and asset management landscapes. So, our teams work collaboratively with you to reconfigure back and middle-office operations to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. With extensive operating model and sourcing expertise, as well as a team of seasoned operators, we provide critical advice and hands-on implementation support to clients. With our support on operating models, outsourcing, consolidation or migration of technology platforms or leveraging third-party custodian services, we’ll help you create critical operating efficiencies, while also building crucial foundations for the scalable growth of your underlying business.

Regulatory requirements and risk dynamics
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We recognise the growing pressure created by intensifying regulatory scrutiny, coupled with increasing levels of turbulence and change in risk environments created by macro and socio-economic factors. Our regulatory SMEs have deep experience in addressing regulatory and risk considerations in specific markets or sectors (e.g. cybersecurity, payments) and bring the practical skills to effectively drive the required change across your organisation in response to risk and regulatory dynamics.

Client spotlight

We get involved. We get invested. We act like it’s our business. These are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients change the game.

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