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After a challenging couple of years for organisations in the charity and not-for-profit sector, it’s now more important than ever for firms to understand their audience and adapt accordingly. Our team of experts can help you operate as efficiently as possible while exploiting data and technology to ensure you’re reaching your key audience groups.

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Our charity, not-for-profit & NGO expertise

Generation Z are soon to surpass millennials to become the largest consumer group in the world. With the non-governmental organisation (NGO) market – which includes charities and not-for-profits – expected to reach over $450bn by 2025, it is imperative that organisations in the industry align their business models to incorporate this shift.


Following COVID-19, Brexit and other global events, NGOs are facing a variety of challenges. If they want to survive, they must respond. Staffing and volunteer shortages are impacting businesses around the world, and as a result, NGOs are having to pivot their operations to cope with changing resource, while finding alternative ways of attracting and retaining volunteers. One method that has gained considerable momentum has been online volunteering opportunities, which have helped organisations to combat travel restrictions and costs.


As Gen Z become the more prominent consumer group, NGOs must prioritise their digital experience if they want to keep up with competitors. This includes improving their online user journeys, their digital communications and fundraising. Moreover, with younger consumers spending more time on social platforms, it’s more important than ever for organisations to drive their online presence through social media, content and digital marketing.


Consumers are demanding more personalised experiences from all of their purchases and charitable contributions aren’t an exemption. NGOs must focus on personalising experiences to secure repeat donations. To do this, they must have good visibility and control of their data and analytics.


As the pressure from stakeholders mounts on businesses to drive their corporate social responsibility (CSR), an increasing number of organisations around the world are looking for charities to partner with. This is already having a large impact on the industry, and as the pressure grows, this impact is going to attract new players into the market, whilst continuing to shape the industry further.


Our team at Elixirr have partnered with NGOs for over 10 years, harnessing a variety of capabilities. Our experts bring extensive experience from a broad range of industries and disciplines, offering skills in strategy, innovation, procurement, digital design and build, digital marketing and more. You can feel assured that no matter your challenge, we have the team to build you a market-leading, bespoke and future-first solution that helps you reach your goals and objectives.


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How we can help

Our team of industry professionals, experts and entrepreneurs will work with your team to identify problems, then build and implement bespoke, market-leading solutions that harness the latest in technology and innovation. Not only are your problems solved, you’ll also have the tools to truly stand out. Here are some of the key areas we can help.

Take advantage of our ecosystem
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Make the most of our extensive network of NGOs around the globe to advise best practice methods from real industry experience.

Transform your business
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Adapt to the new industry landscape brought about by COVID-19 and develop a target operating model that maximises donations and business growth.

Optimise your digital capabilities
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Improve your digital presence and increase your digital offerings to keep up with consumer trends.

Monetise your data
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Use the mass of data to understand your consumer better and monetise this data by improving your way of working to increase revenue streams.

Future-proof your business
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Keep up to date with evolving trends and prepare for opportunities to excel your business.

Optimise your donation methods
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Partner with our innovation network of 1,000+ start-ups, scale-ups and VCs to benefit from the latest technologies and ensure that your donation processes are optimal.

Make your brand famous
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Get your cause in front of key audience groups through making the most of digital marketing, including PPC, SEO and content marketing, with our team of specialists.

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We treat your business like it’s our business. Our team of charity consultants come from a diverse range of backgrounds, meaning we have the tools and expertise to solve your toughest business challenges at pace.

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