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Private Equity Consulting

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We partner with private equity firms, general partners and management companies to optimise investment lifecycles and accelerate value realisation across their portfolios. Our tailored support enables clients to rapidly assess and capitalise on growth opportunities, drive effective transition, accelerate value creation and skilfully remediate issues of companies in distress.

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Our private equity expertise

Within a turbulent macro-economic environment, the private equity sector has remained strong. Players are now poised to capitalise on the growth opportunities that arise as economic conditions improve – but businesses must also be equipped to contend with new trends that are disrupting how the industry operates. From major developments in the technology and innovation space (such as generative AI) through to evolving regulations and investor demands (like impact investing), private equity firms are under increasing levels of pressure to evolve, accelerate shareholder value generation and remain at the forefront of industry change.


Our team offers PE firms, GPs and management companies a unique combination of deep industry expertise in target portfolio sectors (such as financial services, technology, healthcare, offshore operations and sports), extensive merger and acquisition (M&A) experience, as well as operational know-how. This enables us to guide our PE clients through their end-to-end value chains, from deal sourcing and execution through to growth and optimisation of portfolio companies, while also marketing themselves to limited partners (LPs). Working closely with our PE clients, we rapidly mobilise lean teams that blend expertise to drive, enhance and accelerate deal processes, post-deal integration and portfolio company growth. Our experts are also well-equipped to advise PE firms on improving their own operational efficiency, delivering on growth strategies and building new propositions to make their funds more attractive to new markets of investors.

Why Elixirr


We establish collaborative partnerships with deal-teams in the hypothesis generation & validation and due diligence stages of deals, providing access to specialist insights in sectors including fintech, insurtech, healthcare, sports and offshore operations


We have extensive operating model, programme management, sourcing and technology expertise to enable the planning and delivery of transition service agreement (TSA) strategies. Leveraging our award-winning, industry-agnostic sourcing capability, we play a driving role in ensuring effective, timely carve outs and post-merger integrations


Post-deal, we’ll supercharge portfolio company growth and multiple expansion, utilising our deep growth strategy expertise and full-service digital marketing capability


We’ll partner with you and your portfolio company operators to remediate any major risks that are putting their companies in distress, leveraging our specialists across cybersecurity, technology risk and financial regulations


Our deep understanding of the private equity landscape, coupled with operating model expertise, means we advise PE houses on driving their own internal growth strategies and operational change

How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Pre-deal support
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We establish collaborative relationships with deal teams to support pipeline building activity through hypothesis generation and strategically-aligned scouting. We support deal teams in the identification of market signals and key trends, connecting them with our global ecosystem of industry leaders, and rapidly mobilise lean teams to support deal incubation and commercial due diligence. Our teams bring both industry and M&A expertise, meaning we’re best-placed to accelerate pre-deal activities and enable rapid go / no-go decision making.

Operating model, programme management, sourcing and technology expertise
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We’ll partner with your deal teams to effectively build TSA strategies, roadmaps and implementable plans, bringing extensive experience in large-scale transformation and commercial sourcing processes.

Sourcing and change management support post-completion
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With award-winning sourcing capabilities and best-in-class change management teams, we support deal teams in running post-deal integration and / or carve out initiatives. We are a trusted execution partner to a wide range of high-stake transition programmes, enabling effective management and acceleration of transition strategies, decreasing time-to-value for shareholders and driving significant risk reduction.

Specific growth interventions for portfolio companies
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We’ll help optimise portfolio company operating models and ensure operational leverage and delivery of EBITDA growth, while simultaneously driving multiple expansion via improved sales and marketing capabilities. This is provided through our range of consulting and execution capabilities and specialist IP in areas such as generative AI and data-led optimisation, which guarantee growth acceleration. Where there are opportunities for cross-portfolio synergies, we’ll help your deal teams rapidly identify, combine and realise shared portfolio growth opportunities.

Mobilising interventions for portfolio companies in distress
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We partner with deal teams and company operators to identify and mobilise the required interventions to eliminate risks and rebuild growth potential. Offering expertise in fields such as cybersecurity, technology risk and regulatory compliance, as well experience in complex change management programmes, our teams will accelerate the transformation of stressed businesses, effectively managing and eliminating any surrounding risk factors to relieve operational burden.

Supporting growth and efficiency plays for PE firms themselves
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We’ll work with you to optimise capabilities and processes, drive cost reduction, address scalability challenges and ensure compliance with evolving regulation and / or industry standards. Our work includes seeking out process efficiencies, improving third party sourcing and vendor service performance, and re-designing operating models to create cost savings (for example through offshoring to low-cost locations). We transform and shorten deal lifecycles by implementing processes and technologies to optimise deal team effectiveness and throughput. And, we help firms craft and implement winning long-term growth strategies that enable them to boost their competitive positions in an increasingly fierce market.

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We get involved. We get invested. We act like it’s our business. These are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients change the game.

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