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We work with global and regional leaders in retail and corporate banking to help them understand the rapidly evolving landscape and remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market. From designing industry-leading strategies to delivering transformational change in technology and operating models, our team of banking experts collaborate closely with teams across banking institutions globally to respond to the biggest challenges and opportunities in the ecosystem.

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Our retail & corporate banking expertise

The banking sector has gone through an era of unprecedented transformation over the past decade, with disruption expected to continue throughout the coming years. Major trends, including the rapid rise of digital banking, artificial intelligence, cloud-based banking infrastructure and advanced data and analytics, have created fundamental shifts in the ways in which banks operate and interact with their customers. Meanwhile, the banking and financial services sectors consistently top global VC funding activity trackers – a testament to the growth of the fintech startup ecosystem which continues to threaten the market share of banking incumbents, while accelerating innovation in the sector.


In response, global banking players must consistently invest in building and implementing nimble and forward-thinking strategies, data-driven products and operating models that will enable them to compete in an increasingly demanding, evolving and densely-populated market. For legacy players, the organisational transformation required to adapt to these market conditions can be extensive. Transformational change must be navigated alongside pre-existing non-negotiable business priorities, from maintaining regulatory compliance in a turbulent regulatory environment to ensuring operational stability and strong levels of customer experience and servicing.


We provide hands-on support to both global and regional banks in the retail and corporate sectors who are facing such challenges and opportunities for growth. Through deep collaboration with our teams, that combine both industry and consulting expertise, we help our clients drive organisational and technical transformation at scale, anticipate disruption in external dynamics (such as innovation, regulation), and design and build future-fit business models and strategies that will enable them to remain market-leaders.


Why Elixirr


We collaborate with banks to create differentiated and practical strategies that enable them to maintain and grow their competitive positions


We offer an end-to-end proposition design and build capability that allows banks to rapidly execute on, test and iterate greenfield ideas and concepts aligned to their strategic priorities


Our expert team combines rich banking industry experience with extensive consulting and change management expertise, enabling us to bring practical, actionable and best-practice insights


From defining architecture strategies and building cloud-native infrastructure to designing and implementing the technology required to derive value from data, our technical experts play a hands-on role in modernising the technology stacks of banks


Our risk and regulatory SMEs offer decades worth of experience to support banks in their response to evolving regulatory and risk dynamics. Combined with our rapid approach, this uniquely positions us to accelerate regulatory and risk remediation for our banking clients

How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Define winning strategies
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We’ll help you define a winning strategy that allows you to compete and collaborate within increasingly crowded markets. By providing access to our leading innovation ecosystem, you can rapidly digest the change and disruption taking place within your sector, using these insights to develop strategies to retain market share across strategic business models, distribution models, market entry opportunities and other strategic growth opportunities.

End-to-end proposition design and development
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We’ll help you rapidly ideate, test, build and go-to-market with new concepts, business models and products. Leveraging design thinking and rapid prototyping methodologies, coupled with access to our innovation ecosystem, we’ll partner with you in a highly collaborative and dynamic process, supported by our team of designers, strategists, digital experts and innovation leaders. Beyond the proposition design, our digital teams will work with you to build a world class solution in live product environments, building proof-of-concepts and / or MVPs, and then take the solution to market, supported by our digital marketing experts.

Design and build future-fit operating models
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Spanning across people, process and technology, we’ll apply our deep understanding of how banks operate to support you on best-practice and custom organisational design. Beyond organisational, process and technology design, we help organisations implement more agility in how they work as a means of enabling innovation at scale – through practical training, effective change management and leadership development.

Transform banking infrastructure and technical capabilities
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Across data architecture, cloud and core banking, we support both global and regional banks in modernising their core technology while also building their infrastructure to enable innovation, scalability and enhanced customer servicing capabilities, as well as advanced data and analytics and AI. As a provider-agnostic firm, we’ll help you source the market’s best-fit technology partner, specific to your business’s nuances.

Regulatory requirements and risk dynamics
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We recognise the growing pressure created by intensifying regulatory scrutiny, coupled with increasing levels of turbulence and change in risk environments created by macro- and socio-economic factors. Our regulatory SMEs have deep experience in addressing regulatory and risk considerations in specific markets or sectors (e.g. cybersecurity, payments) and bring the practical skills to effectively drive the required change across your organisation in response to risk and regulatory dynamics.

Optimising digital experiences with biometrics

Digital experience is a critical part of modern financial services. The importance of a streamlined, optimised user experience is only increasing, and ensuring your FS experience serves user needs and meets or beats expectations in the competitive landscape is vital. Using our advanced UX and biometric analysis capabilities can help to achieve just that.


Biometrics is the analysis of human characteristics, in response to stimuli, and can help to pinpoint specific areas to improve user/customer experience. It can be used to test websites, user journeys, apps, onboarding journeys and more. This can help to drive performance by improving conversion rates, retention, user satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

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We get involved. We get invested. We act like it’s our business. These are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients change the game.

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