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For global wholesale banking players right now, a myriad of increasingly complex and evolving macro-economic conditions require navigating. Our experts provide market-leading advice and hands-on support, enabling you to strategically plan and accelerate implementation, executing change that will help you grow in your competitive positioning, at speed.

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Our wholesale banking expertise

The global wholesale banking market and its surrounding macro-economic environment are rapidly evolving. In a world facing significant change factors, including evolving regulatory intrusion, interest rate volatility, economic and political uncertainty and associated instability on capital and debt markets, players in the wholesale banking space must address a number of business threats – and seize opportunities – in order to remain competitive. Pressure is rising to offer differentiated and holistic services to customers, as wholesale banking participants fight for customer primacy.  Simultaneously, they must respond to customer demands for reduced costs while navigating an increasingly crowded wholesale banking marketplace, due to the emergence of Fintech players.  


Technology is also playing a prominent role in industry disruption, as wholesale banks and service providers seek to optimise their technology processes, consolidate platforms and offer technology-driven experiences that will enable them to remain competitive. Meanwhile, some major emerging trends, from artificial intelligence to distributed ledger technology and digital currencies, are posing even more fundamental potential to revolutionise wholesale banking processes and business models. However, effective utilisation of emerging technology requires deep expertise to implement such solutions.  


We partner with clients in the wholesale banking market to co-navigate these challenges and capitalise on emerging global markets opportunities. Our broad industry network of leading financial institutions, seasoned technology partners and disruptive wholesale banking fintechs provides our clients with the most relevant advice and practical support, enabling them to deliver on strategically competitive initiatives, productivity gains and growth, effectively and securely. 

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Why Elixirr


We help banks to define custom winning strategies and initiatives that both drive their broader business agenda in a unique way and allow them to compete effectively in a rapidly-evolving global wholesale banking ecosystem


We play a hands-on role supporting on complex technology decisions, utilising our award-winning sourcing approach, collaborative solutioning, and deep subject matter expertise


We harness decades of wholesale banking industry experience and extensive regulatory understanding to help you effectively apply complex and evolving regulatory requirements to your specific and unique business contexts


Our teams are made up of seasoned industry professionals with deep experience operating some of the world’s biggest banks. We leverage this institutional expertise to help you effectively re-imagine processes across specialist areas, such as treasury and payments

How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Create future-fit strategies
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Drawing on our institutional expertise and leading global innovation network, we bring an outside-in perspective to help wholesale banks fully understand their external environments before building their strategic priorities. The strategies that we define are supported by rigorous business case analysis and articulation, enabling rapid decision-making at senior levels and quick transition of strategy into execution, so you can remain competitive in an evolving macro-economic global banking ecosystem.

Identify, source and implement best-fit financial solutions
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Harnessing our expert understanding of both the financial operations and financial technology marketplace, we help wholesale banks to accelerate their operational and technology transformations, creating leading and future-fit processes and capabilities with our collaborative solutioning approach. We can also assist you in navigating emerging technology trends, offering hands-on support from market-leaders across fields from advanced data and analytics to artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology.

Provide rigorous assessments of emerging and evolving risk requirements
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We rapidly conduct comprehensive front-to-back risk assessments and provide our clients with the practical guidance – grounded in their business nuances and priorities – required to help their businesses work better in the face of regulation and other risk types.

Optimise operating model and processes
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As cost, efficiency and stability pressures intensify across the wholesale banking landscape, alongside emerging critical focus areas such as liquidity risk and reporting, we’ll collaborate with you to gain a deep understanding of your internal process landscapes before identifying opportunities to optimise your operating model and processes across wholesale technology, treasury and payments.

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We get involved. We get invested. We act like it’s our business. These are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients change the game.

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