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2023 Annual Results

Welcome to Elixirr’s FY23 Annual Results. The strategic steps we have taken to diversify our business resulted in another record year and enabled us to perform strongly across the economic cycle.

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A message from our CEO

2023 highlighted Elixirr’s ability to thrive, outperforming both competitors and the global Consulting market. Our continued growth is a testament to the quality of our team, and the value we deliver to our clients.

This year we continued to invest in our four-pillar growth strategy, further diversifying our offering and enabling us to solve new and interesting challenges for our clients. Our equity incentive model continues to disrupt the market, solidifying our reputation as the Challenger Consultancy and setting us up for continued success.

Stephen Newton
Stephen Newton signature

Revenue £m (calendar year basis)

Another year of record performance


Increase from FY22 to FY23

Our four-pillar growth strategy

Our four-pillar growth strategy has a proven track record, with the capacity to support our long-term ambitions. In FY23 Elixirr continued to make great progress across all pillars.

Stretch existing Partners

Our Partners are heavily incentivised to grow revenue and maintain margins and have been supported in doing so by an internal reorganisation into an industry vertical model. The senior members of the Partner team are accountable for growing specific industries, geographies and capabilities.

Our performance

Promote Partners from within

Growing talent from within ensures that we retain our culture and quality as we scale, and we have embraced ‘growing our own timber’ since the day we were founded. In FY23 we promoted 4 partners from within.

Our people

Hire new Partners

Bringing talent into the firm with existing networks and additive expertise helps to continually build out our capabilities and expand into new industries and geographies. In FY23 we welcomed 3 new partners through our network and an additional 5 through our acquisitions.

Our Partners

Acquire new businesses

Buying new businesses in key growth markets with additive capabilities to Elixirr’s existing offering remains a key part of our growth strategy. In 2023, the acquisitions of Responsum and Insigniam opened doors to new clients, markets and capabilities, and have generated significant growth potential.

Our work

Our story

  • 2009
    • Elixirr founded
  • 2010
    • First US client
  • 2011
    • First South African client
  • 2012
    • Retail business launches
  • 2013
    • 150% growth on prior year’s revenue
  • 2014
    • Named ‘Best New Consultancy’
  • 2015
    • Elix-IRR rebrands as Elixirr
  • 2016
    • US business launches
  • 2017
    • Den Creative becomes an Elixirr company, initiating our multi-brand strategy
  • 2018
    • Elixirr named as one of the UK’s leading management consultants
  • 2019
    • Den Creative reaches c.200% revenue increase since acquisition
    • Airtime launches
  • 2020
    • Elixirr lists with AIM on the London Stock Exchange
    • Coast Digital joins the Group
  • 2021
    • Retearn joins the Group, marking our 2nd acquisition since listing on the London Stock Exchange
    • Stephen Newton named a Global Leader in Consulting
  • 2022
    • iOLAP joins the Group, a specialist technology and data consultancy, marking our first US acquisition and largest acquisition to date
  • 2023
    • Elixirr acquires Responsum, a US-headquartered generative AI firm
    • Coast Digital and Den Creative rebrand as Elixirr Digital
    • Insigniam joins the Group, pioneers in organisational change and transformation

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2023 Annual Results

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