Elixirr is pleased to announce its acquisition of Insigniam, a global consulting firm who have been undisputed market leaders in organisational breakthrough, innovation and transformation for more than 35 years. Recognised by The Consulting Report and Vault Consulting 50 as a top 50 consultancy, Insigniam’s mission is to transform the world of business and the practice of management and leadership, unleashing the power of inspired human performance. The company has offices in the greater Philadelphia and Los Angeles areas, as well as in Paris. Insigniam’s clients represent a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, retail and consumer packaged goods. Many of these are additive to the industries Elixirr currently serve, providing huge mutual client opportunities for both Elixirr and Insigniam. 

The acquisition of Insigniam is Elixirr’s sixth to-date and further diversifies its expanding professional services portfolio. The company has built an unparalleled reputation for utilising a unique and proprietary methodology for catalysing breakthrough results and speed to transformation in the U.S. and European markets. This acquisition expands Elixirr’s footprint across both of these important geographies. 

To support large, complex organisations to deliver unprecedented results, Insigniam takes a different approach to consulting when compared to traditional advisory consulting. Clients have documented, in aggregate, more than 50x ROI in measurable results considered critical by executive management and essential to the success of their enterprises. Insigniam clients include one-third of the Fortune 50, over 100 of the Forbes Global 1000, and all 16 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. With an industry leading Net Promoter Score® of 66 — 85% of its clients report that Insigniam provides more value than any other consulting firm – the company has built an unparalleled reputation for utilising a unique proprietary methodology for catalysing breakthrough results and speed to transformation. When combined with Elixirr’s strategy, technology, data, AI and operating model change capabilities, Elixirr and Insigniam clients now have a consulting partner with an unmatched ability to generate new and unprecedented value for enterprises around the globe. 

As part of the acquisition, Elixirr welcomes four new partners into the team: Insigniam Founding Partners Shideh Bina and Nathan Rosenberg, as well as Katerin Le Folcalvez and Jennifer Zimmer.

Stephen Newton, Founder & CEO of Elixirr, says:

“I am always exceptionally proud to expand our team, and finding the right people to bring into the group is no small task. Our M&A team works tirelessly to find companies that not only broaden what we’re able to offer clients but improve the work we’re already doing with them. We also look for those who share in Elixirr’s ethos, entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create meaningful change – and in Insigniam we have found exactly that. I look forward to seeing the impact of their team’s unique approach to consulting – which looks deeply into the areas many consultancies often overlook or don’t have true capability to impact. They are the undisputed market leaders in transformation and organisational change, and this is something that will be extremely valuable to both our current and future clients. By combining our services and expertise, from strategy through to execution, we are very well-positioned to provide full end-to-end services to our collective clients in a more impactful, dynamic way.

Shideh Sedgh Bina, Co-Founder of Insigniam, says:

We are thrilled that Elixirr not only expands our ability to provide an enhanced range of services for our clients, but also enables us to partner with C-suite executives to design and execute on their fit-for-21st-century-agenda. The Elixirr disrupter mindset, entrepreneurial culture and leadership team are perfectly aligned with our commitment to serve our clients to deliver remarkable results. Like Insigniam, Elixirr is not afraid to challenge convention, talk straight and disrupt the status quo. Elixirr and Insigniam both hold dear an ethos of deep client service, and we believe that together, combining the best of ‘being human’ with technology and data, we will deliver dramatic new outcomes for our clients.

Nathan Owen Rosenberg, Co-Founder of Insigniam, says:

“Insigniam’s combination with Elixirr gives our clients a range of services that, in my scan of the market, has not been available. Already, the Elixirr partners and Insigniam partners are collaborating to catalyse new value for our combined clients, as well as working on a new set of offerings. Literally, we can now offer the full range of expertise and services needed to transform a CEO’s agenda into reality. Clients will see new capabilities to fulfill their intentions. We now provide extraordinary value to the CEO and his or her team and to each executive in the C-suite, beyond what either firm could offer before the combination.”

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