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Elixirr Capital is the investment arm of our firm. And we only invest in startups with one big ambition: to change the game in their industry.

We’re changing the game in our industry. So when we see the opportunity to disrupt a market whose structure or history prevents it easily disrupting itself, we put our money where our mouth is and invest.

Rather than simply investing money, we also invest the hands-on skill of our people, meaning they get startup experience, and the companies we invest in get access to top-quality professionals with a vested interest in driving their growth.

10% of any profit made from our investment portfolio goes directly into the bonus pool for our team.

Earning the right. Walking the talk. Playing the game.

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The Pitch

Entrepreneurs walk the talk. The Pitch is just one of the ways we’re encouraging innovation and entrepreneurialism inside our firm, making sure challenging convention is what we do for our clients and ourselves every day.

Watch the boxset

Episode 1: Total Concierge

Watch Herbert van der Raad as he pitches his new app Total Concierge… Will he get our investment?


Episode 2: Prize Brokers

Watch Thomas Taylor-Benson pitch for investment to bring his successful Australian business to the UK - how will he measure up?


Episode 3: Time to Donate

Watch social entrepreneur pitch his idea to change the way people donate their professional time to charity - how did he get on?


Episode 4: Hype Sports

Watch Ally Mellor face the judges in The Pitch - does he have what it takes to get our investment?


Episode 5: SafeTrail

What happened when Florence Jumpp met the judges to pitch her navigation app, Safe Trail?


Episode 6: Beat the intro

Discover why Kevin Deakin’s Beat the intro got our startup investment in The Pitch…


The Pitch - trailer

We are walking the talk and investing big in a number of startups. This... is The Pitch.


The Pitch - The launch

We challenged our team to step up to the plate and pitch for investment into their startup ideas. Welcome to The Pitch…