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Stephen Newton

Founder & Managing Partner

Based in London

Stephen strongly believes in the power of a customer-led approach to innovation and change. He champions the view that the only way large organisations will survive is by learning and applying lessons from Silicon Valley and other innovation and startup ecosystems.

Originally qualifying at KPMG, Stephen is internationally recognised in transformational change, strategy and sourcing, having enjoyed 25 years in these fields. He has been a partner at IBM, and was a managing partner at Accenture just before he founded Elixirr. Over his career, he has advised the Boards of some of the world’s leading companies across multiple industries.

A true entrepreneur, Stephen started (and failed!) three businesses before finding success with Elixirr. Because of this, he is passionate about supporting and empowering entrepreneurs, and he has built Elixirr around this principle. We are famous for our entrepreneurial spirit – many of our team have gone on to start their own successful businesses.

Through Elixirr Capital and The Pitch, Stephen and his Partners invest money and consulting time into developing new ideas and existing startups. Stephen also runs a startup accelerator network, currently based out of Elixirr’s London office. He is regularly featured in publications like and on the subject of innovation and entrepreneurialism.

He has one very clear vision for Elixirr: to be the best consulting firm in the world.

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Meet Stephen