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Dieter Halfar


    Based in Cape Town

    As our South African practice lead, based in Cape Town, Dieter works closely with our multi-national clients, supporting their growth agenda’s on the continent and beyond. He specialises in the development and execution of innovative business strategy, including creating a winning response to the threat of disruption, building our internal innovation capability and rapidly executing and operationalising change initiatives.

    Dieter holds over 15 years’ experience in financial services and engineering and is recognised for his expertise and leadership in technology, operating model design, sourcing, change and transformation management, operational excellence and process improvement.

    He has a special interest in driving change within the Retail, Corporate Banking and Asset Management industries - including specialist areas such as card, cash and payments, content and data management, asset and liability administration. Prior to his foray into banking and consulting, Dieter was a Professional Engineer in the FMCG industry, with deep experience in supply chain management and manufacturing.

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