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Transformational Leadership

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Create a group of leaders who think innovatively, act differently and are prepared to lead in the market and the organisation by writing new rules for the game.

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Competitive advantages reside in an organisation’s ability to author the competitive landscape. This calls for transformational leadership—people who set the course for themselves and their organisations, leaders who have the courage and the capital to invent the rules of the game and rewrite conventions. Installing these cutting-edge breakthrough leadership competencies is an area critical to the future performance of the enterprise.

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Understanding the components of transformational leadership without effectively translating them into actions and business outcomes is insufficient. All of our leadership initiatives tie development and producing breakthrough results together, thereby elevating leadership through on-the-court action and delivering practical results that immediately impact the organisation’s effectiveness.

Each leadership initiative is adapted to meet the specific needs and concerns of your enterprise, regardless of title, role or position. They include:

High performance leader
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The high performance leader is for C-level and senior executives accountable for the future of the enterprise and for fulfilling the organisation’s strategy to take them to an entirely new echelon of impact, leadership, inspiration and business results.

The leadership intensive
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The leadership intensive serves already effective executives and top-tier senior directors – typically with functional expertise – who are looking to break into an entirely new realm of impact and leadership.

The inspirational leader
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The inspirational leader provides directors and managers who are being asked to add new dimensions and capabilities to their existing leadership portfolio with potent tools, distinctions and practice areas.

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Super-vision is intended for first-time and/or recently promoted front line managers or supervisors who must both lead and work with those closest to the heart of the business to drive operational excellence and effectiveness.

Catalytic coaching
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Catalytic coaching is for executives who need a dramatic and almost immediate elevation of their performance.

Executive coaching
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Executive coaching is for leaders in the organisation who are committed to ongoing development.

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