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Transformation Management Consulting

In order to keep competitive advantage in a world where choice is growing exponentially, companies must constantly evolve to meet market demands. Our transformation experts can make sure you do just that while staying at the forefront of your industry.

Our expertise

Our team is passionate about delivering a tailor-made approach to each of our clients because we recognise that no two companies will transform in the same way. We have extensive experience leading our clients through long-term, global and end-to-end change. This approach means we create real transformations that directly address industry and company limitations.

We know that the key to successful change from within is both the integration and attitude of our teams. So, our experts embed themselves into our clients’ team, building lasting relationships and helping to navigate the business towards their goals.

Our transformation management services span everything from operating model transformation through to portfolio management and cost transformation.

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How we work

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at how we work.

Transformation strategy development
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Our approach is truly tailored to your people, vision and needs. We take the time to effectively diagnose the problem and then work through a specific solution, managing its implementation through to completion. We provide deep market analysis, resulting in informed and individual plans for your transformation.

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We integrate into your team. Your business’s problems become ours, and we manage long-term change projects by providing leadership support and advice. This might be behavioural change through training programmes and coaching, tracking the benefits realised against the original vision.

Ways of working
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We are experts in agile ways of working, encouraging iterative working methods and solutions, meaning we are well-placed to aid in significant digital change. Our agile approach helps you to adapt in line with new business challenges and goals, and at pace.

Capability development
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We conduct a training needs and capability gap analysis, enabling the development of employee training programmes, which are then tested and refined to deliver maximum impact for building capabilities and their alignment to the future vision.

Our innovation ecosystem
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Our innovative network of startups means that we can connect you with emerging technology and digital solutions. This knowledge allows our team to provide cutting-edge solutions grounded in market research.

Finding your solution
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We can provide end-to-end solutions, from identifying the problem to delivering the solution – one that will allow for continued profitability. This results in consistent work and a passionate drive from our team to see the transformation in action.

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We design and use a performance management framework, implementing KPIs across BAU processes for a consistent measurement of behaviours against desired outcomes.

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