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Onboarding Solutions Consulting

Over the last two years, we’ve spent time working with financial services institutions and other professional services clients to really understand what it means to create an outstanding onboarding experience for your customers.​

We know what your customers need…

While platforms exist to help lift pressures associated with onboarding, too frequently they fall short by insisting on rigid workflows, complex licensing arrangements and are designed without the customer in mind.

A faster onboarding journey​
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Clients expect to be able to complete an efficient onboarding process, receiving access to their account within a few days of beginning their application.

Centralised, holistic digital experience​
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A significant internal and external pain point is the absence of a uniform client experience. For clients, a single touchpoint or platform is easier to use and manage.

Responsiveness to market changes​
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Clients want your banking experience to match and surpass the competition, both in terms of supporting their day-to-day banking needs and in their onboarding process.

Painless onboarding​
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As well as being able to open their account quickly, clients want the onboarding process to be as easy as possible for themselves; they appreciate any support that can facilitate inputting data, sharing documents or providing consent.

Ease of serving end customers​
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Clients demand an onboarding experience that does not impact their own customers downstream. Limiting the amount of time and effort they need to put into onboarding enables them to service their end users more quickly and effectively.

Exceptional customer experience​
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At the point of onboarding and throughout their relationship with you, clients demand an exceptional customer experience. This involves offering a wide breadth of capabilities and features to support customers, as well as 24/7 customer support.

…but we also know that’s only half the story.

Providing your customers with a streamlined, efficient, hassle-free onboarding experience can mean the difference between keeping their business and loyalty, or losing them to a competitor that offers a smoother experience.

Customer acquisition​
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A straightforward, easy-to-use onboarding platform, coupled with a rapid, simple end-to-end process are key buying factors for potential clients. Clients are more likely to want to choose you if there is the prospect of a quick, painless onboarding experience.

Customer retention​
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By identifying and addressing existing pain points in your onboarding process, we can help you avoid losing clients during the onboarding process, or discouraging existing clients from opening a new account due to its current inefficiencies and demands.

Compliant practices​
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Many businesses must ensure that its onboarding processes satisfy the regulations of all jurisdictions in which clients are based. It is also necessary to adhere to the risk appetite of the wider group in all of its practices and procedures. However, we should not allow the regulations of one geography to compromise the experience of clients in another.

Operational efficiencies​
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Efficient internal processes directly impact the speed at which clients can onboard, as well as the number of clients who can be onboarded. Digitalising more of the onboarding experience and automating an increasing number of manual back-end processes can improve operational efficiency.

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By introducing and integrating with new digital tools, we can help you enhance the onboarding experience (from both internal and external perspectives). This will leave your business better equipped to make necessary iterations in the future, and to scale with greater ease.

What if there’s a better way?

Our tried and tested discovery approach will help you understand what’s important to your customers, and how to serve them better at every stage of the onboarding journey.​


UX Research

Successful UX exists where data insights, business objectives and user needs & wants overlap. A robust UX approach results in a website, application or marketing activity that exceeds expectations from both a business and a user perspective.​​ ​We help our clients to drive product innovation by placing the customer at the centre of feature development and ideation. Solutions are reached using quantitative and qualitative insights to ensure every change solves a unique user problem. ​​When applied to onboarding platforms, this approach is essential in ensuring we design experiences that not only delight your users, but also meet your commercial objectives.​

UX testing – biometrics

Biometrics is the measurement and analysis of physical and behavioural characteristics, ​providing unparalleled insight into behavioural patterns of your users.

Biometric analysis can be used to identify:

  • How your customers feel when they view your site or platform

  • Which areas of your site/platform users struggle with

  • Which areas of your site/platform are most popular or easiest to use

  • Areas of interest among your target market

  • Which creatives have the strongest impact


UX design

We employ a range of user experience ideation and testing techniques to gain better understanding of your audience, their desires and motivations from a digital perspective. This is supplemented by working closely with your internal teams and developers to ensure alignment with business objectives and feasibility of designs​. Taking this approach allows us to add a human layer over existing data so we can make decisions based on actual user needs instead of our own assumptions. ​ The results are validated mid-fidelity designs and prototypes that have gone through rigorous perception and task based testing to produce a proof of concept.


Improving performance through rigorous testing programs. If re-platforming isn’t immediately feasible due to contractual obligations or budget constraints, one route to consider could be Conversion Rate Optimisation. Our CRO services deliver results based on research, data, and user insight, tracking and comparing KPIs over time to ensure results are statistically significant and haven’t happened by chance. The performance of your onboarding platform isn’t about making one change, it’s about making continuous enhancements that drive iterative improvements.


Know your customer…

We know that onboarding is typically operationally inefficient, complex and opaque. As the first post-sale touch point it’s an opportunity often missed and should be used to reaffirm your customers decision to partner with you. ​​ We developed Tao to change the conversation around onboarding, moving you away from from simply meeting your compliance obligations, to delighting your customers whilst doing so. ​​ A seamless onboarding experience not only builds trust with your customers but ultimately leads to a faster path to revenue for your business and a reduction in the cost associated with a typically resource intensive process.

How do we do it differently?​

Our platform provides the ability to digitally manage clients’ lifecycle – from rapid onboarding and KYC to ongoing CDD and client offboarding. ​​ Its flexible and dynamic workflow, structure chart, case management and risk-scoring tools can be used to build flexible processes to meet ever evolving compliance obligations and operating models.


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