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Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

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Building truly industry-defining businesses cannot be achieved by simply looking inwards. Take your organisation to the next level through M&A.

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Merger and acquisition (M&A) strategies are no longer nice-to-haves, but must-haves for firms that don’t want to be left behind by the market.

Our team of specialists provide services across the entire M&A lifecycle. Through our multi-faceted and highly collaborative approach, we bring transaction and market expertise, practical industry experience, M&A advisory knowledge and a global innovation network that provides us with access to cutting-edge insights and firms.

We have helped clients achieve their own inorganic growth ambitions, whilst also accelerating our own growth through strategic acquisitions. Our combined advisory, industry and first-hand experience mean that we understand the challenges you face and will work side-by-side with you to exceed expectations.

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How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

M&A strategy
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Define a compelling strategy and M&A blueprint to support long-term sustainable growth.

Scouting & shortlisting
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Identify market opportunities and potential targets aligned to corporate strategy.

Due diligence
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Assess target value and risks, validating the purchase price, supporting negotiations, and advising on a go / no-go decision.

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Define and implement a post-deal plan to de-risk integration and support value creation at pace.

Private equity
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Evaluate potential options for growth and value realisation, and support in their execution (including private equity, trade sales, raising debt, and IPO).

Corporate ventures
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Support clients in establishing corporate venture capital funds, tapping into our innovation ecosystem to identify cutting-edge start-ups.

Divestitures & separations
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Plan, execute and maximise the value of assets sales and consolidation transactions.

Strategic partnerships
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Identify and build strategic partnerships that maximise value-creating synergies.

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Corporate venture & innovation

We’ll connect you with emerging technology through our established innovation network, comprised of over 1,000 market-leading startups, scale ups VCs and corporates, so you can think and act like a startup.

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Business strategy

Remaining competitive in an ever-evolving market is a key challenge for every business. So what’s the secret? It starts with continuously questioning your way of thinking, keeping an outside-in perspective of the market, and adapting your business model.

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Our team of sourcing experts have extensive experience supporting global clients end-to-end during the sourcing and selection process.

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From defining a winning acquisition strategy, to unlocking deal synergies through post-merger integration, we’ll help you maximise the value of your transactions.

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