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Data Strategy Consulting

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Data is the new oil. A single view of your customer and an aligned business vision, supported by data insights, will deliver commercially valuable analytics and will help you maximise your business growth.

Our expertise

We understand the importance of defining and executing a clear data strategy. Data strategy must be holistic to serve the totality of your company, and it should be functionally prepared for individual teams to achieve their data requirements. It must therefore be embedded into every decision, interaction and process to unlock real business value. This begins with an effective approach to generating and gathering data, before refining the data to transform insights into actionable business activities.

Alongside the collection and interpretation of data, an effective data strategy ensures more data capability adoption within your business. It also provides relevant governance and organisation to drive efficient information sharing and a holistic view of insights that will create the most value for you, all while retaining regulatory compliance.

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How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Assess your current data & analytics
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Provide capability assessments to understand the state of your data and analytics.

Put together effective data strategies
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Rapidly define strategies through a number of tools and approaches, including design thinking workshops.

Use best practice insight
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Create bespoke and unique solutions using market best practice insight, developing a business case and detailed plan of action and capabilities needed to achieve your data objectives.

Uncover new opportunities
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Identify use cases within data strategies and uncover previously unseen opportunities to engage data.

Design scalable data architecture
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Design scalable and cost-effective data architecture and create clear roadmaps to implementation, including training requirements and execution change management.

Generate new revenue through data
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Identify business opportunities to generate new revenue through the utilisation of data.

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Craig Rich