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People’s United Bank: designing a mobile banking application


Customer experience, Digital design


Financial services



People’s United Bank wanted to redesign the user journeys of its retail mobile banking platform and needed Elixirr’s support in the design and build efforts. Through extensive research and testing, our team was able to identify 180+ opportunities for the bank to address to create great user experiences. Then, supported by 1000+ user stories and 60 user personas, we designed a fully customer-centric and customized banking application that would help place People’s United Bank at the forefront of the market.

  • Outcome 1: The analysis of 180+ customer pain points that informed the layout and structure of the application
  • Outcome 2: The creation of 1,000+ user stories and 60+ user persona perspectives to help the bank better understand its customers and drive the app’s customer-centricity

The Challenge

People’s United Bank, a regional retail bank headquartered in Connecticut, was conscious of the industry’s movement towards digitization and tech-based user experiences. Its current offering was competitive, but by using research, design thinking, testing and iterations on the client experience, it could create a market-leading product and experience.

The bank recognized that a better digital value proposition would be a key element of achieving organic growth. As a result, they wanted to create a digital banking experience which would satisfy its existing clients, while also attracting new clients.

The Approach

We began by performing an in-depth assessment of the bank’s current products, including an analysis of key customer pain points.

We then performed a series of design thinking workshops to define the strategic vision for what market-leading digital banking platforms should look like considering what the customer wants. Based on this, we were able to design prototypes using customer testing to continually rework and improve the look and feel of the app. While constantly collaborating with key stakeholders, we developed the prototypes and initiated the rebuild of the application, complete with business requirements and comprehensive user story lists.

The Impact

Through extensive research, testing and collaboration, we helped People’s United Bank to design a truly customer-centric banking experience. The mobile application was designed for optimal user experiences in the digital banking space, which would help our client to satisfy changing customer needs and get ahead in the market. Not only would this improve the retention of current customers, it would also differentiate the bank from competitors, helping them to attract new customers and drive growth.

“Our partners at Elixirr allowed us to quickly and effectively design our new digital banking platform. Together, we comprehensively identified and solved for the areas of greatest customer pain and opportunity. This resulted not only in a terrific mobile banking experience but it also energised teams within the bank.  Efforts such as agile transformation and design thinking found new momentum while giving voice to employees at every level within the company.”

Ravi Vakacherla

EVP, Chief Transformation Officer, People’s United Bank

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