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Digital design

There have never been more opportunities to reach, attract and retain customers through effective digital design. Our team of experts can help ensure you stand out from the rest.

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Our expertise

Our digital designers adopt a user-centred design process to identify needs, define problems and develop solutions that provide seamless experiences across all touchpoints. We work across many digital interfaces, including website, mobile and tablet, and have developed a robust and flexible approach to ensure we deliver the best results.

The first step of digital design is to undertake user experience (UX) research. Our team studies and understands users and their needs in order to design fully user-centred digital products. We conduct research through various observation techniques and feedback methods to ensure the digital products we create deliver the most value to users. Our UX researchers carry out research throughout the entirety of a project, often beginning with qualitative methodologies to gain a better understanding of the users and determine their needs. This is followed up by quantitative methodologies later on in the design process to test our solutions.

Using these insights, we begin the UX design. Our bespoke design approach places the user at the heart, and bases every decision around the insights and data gathered in the UX research phase. Our team ensures the products and technologies we build are usable, enjoyable, accessible and innovation-driven.

UI (user interface) design is the process of bringing your digital product to life. In this stage, we start making stylistic decisions, applying your brand to wireframes and prototypes, and refining interactive elements and features to improve the product’s behaviour. UI design is responsible for creating an optimal experience for the user while interacting with a digital product, and when done well, users don’t even notice it. Our team of specialist UI designers are adept at following interface design principles and applying them in ways that ensure customer adoption and satisfaction.

Through our end-to-end digital design services, our team have the expertise to ensure your business’ digital experience is effectively serving your customers while also being best-in-class. Connect with us today to start your journey.

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Our digital design services include:

  • User & stakeholder interviews
  • Persona development & segmentation
  • Journey mapping
  • Information architecture
  • Task analysis
  • User testing
  • Defining & creating user flows
  • Wireframe design
  • Low & mid-fidelity prototypes
  • Testing & iteration
  • Accessible interface creation
  • Standardisation of UI elements
  • Creation of design systems or UI kits
  • High-fidelity prototype design
  • Testing & iteration

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