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Saurabh Agrawal

Saurabh Agrawal


Based in Atlanta

Solving difficult problems with technology has always been a key focus in Saurabh's career as a sales and business development person, a management consultant and a senior executive in industry. He's worked across commercial operations, engineering, production, quality, supply chain, and project management in the manufacturing, consumer products, distribution, retail and construction industries. He's delivered strategies for operational excellence, profitable growth and global scale.

His cross-functional expertise covers operations strategy, business transformation, business value capture, performance management, process re-engineering, information technology, quality and continuous improvement, value chain management, sales inventory and operations planning, procurement and supply performance improvement.

Before joining Elixirr, Saurabh worked across ABB, Infosys Consulting and Capgemini.

Whilst travel activities are limited to non life-threatening at his wife's request, Saurabh loves playing all sorts of other sports and going on trips with his two sons. They follow all the Atlanta sports very closely and he joined our team to put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test in a fast-paced firm.