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Brian Kalms


Based in London

Brian is our lead retail partner and is an internationally recognised expert in organisational, operational and IT transformational change, as well as general business consulting.

Brian has worked with many of the UK’s leading retailers and across most sectors (including food, non-food, speciality and convenience) as well as leading teams in South Africa, China and America. He brings a deep and relevant specialism in helping retailers understand their challenges and opportunities, and then helping them frame their responses to them. He has led a variety of assignments including strategic reviews, international expansions, business process changes, organisational re-alignments and systems introduction.

Before Elixirr, he was a managing partner at Accenture where he led their UK retail practice and European supermarket team. Brian typically consults on key stores and retail supply chain initiatives.

He also sits on the editorial advisory board of the specialist business book publishers LID.

Disclaimer: even though our Brian is full of spark, he doesn’t normally have so much light reflected in his eyes – he was our Studio E guinea pig, so we were still learning about lighting… sorry Brian! Watch this space for the next iteration soon...

Brian Kalms_Bio_DRAFT_v0 01.00_00_34_23.Still006
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