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You can't out innovate the market.

So why try? We help executive boards understand this, and then work with them to ensure their business model can respond effectively to disruptive market forces.
Our philosophy

Discover what's possible.

No one organisation has a monopoly on all the great ideas or the best people. Sure, internal innovation labs, accelerators, incubators are all necessary, but they’re not enough. Businesses must look outside their own walls and embrace the power of partnerships. Collaboration through open innovation is paramount.

We don’t believe we have all the answers either. That’s why we’ve built an unrivalled, global innovation ecosystem to help you give your customers what they want.

No industry is untouched by disruption.

How do you deliver what your customers really want before they know they want it? If you wait until they demand it from you, they can already get it from your competition.

And that’s a dangerous place for any business to be.


Make change happen

It’s pretty easy to find ‘that’ innovation. The one that will ensure your business survives, and will potentially change the game in your industry.

But, how do you get from an idea to action? How do you make it happen in practice?

Building businesses is what we do.

We help large corporates respond to disruption.

By growing their existing organisations,
building brand new businesses inside existing ones,

or creating totally separate entities.

We help businesses set up and sustain an environment where the necessary bold decisions can be made. By moving quickly and operating like a startup, existing technology and governance constraints can be overcome.

Oh, and where incumbents can’t, or won’t, disrupt their own industries, we build entirely new businesses that will.

From the ground up.

Not just advisors. We're hands-on by design.

We get stuck in.

And we make the really difficult stuff happen.


#MSH Let's change the game together.

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