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In an industry undergoing huge transformation, it’s never been more important to stay ahead of the game. Our global energy, resources and utilities consultants can help.

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Our energy, resources & utilities expertise

New climate efforts, including the near-global COP26 net zero commitment, COVID-19 and new technologies have altered the way energy companies are required to operate. Research, innovation and transformation characterise the industry, with organisations attempting to navigate an ever-changing market, which in some cases, is more volatile than ever before. However, this growing focus on research, innovation and transformation is opening doors for the industry, revealing an exciting new landscape which will not only allow companies to transform their own operations, but also wider society.

The industry

The power and utilities sector has experienced substantial disruption, fuelling the acceleration of investments and innovations in the space. The road to cleaner energy will demand new technologies to further developments around decarbonisation and decentralisation.


The renewables sector has been growing and maturing over recent years. With international climate summits leading the way to a ‘greener future’, we can expect this development to continue. Big cost reductions in productions have increased renewables’ competitiveness. That coupled with government support to reach ambitious clean energy goals will mean tremendous growth opportunities for businesses in the years to come.

With oil and gas prices reaching their highest levels in years, the current state of the industry delivered a shock to the utility industry and raises long-term questions about how consumers choose to heat their homes.

The increase in digitalisation and the use of advanced data analytics is prospected to grow to transform the chemical industry. These tools will help drive innovation, productivity and profitability, giving businesses an advantage.

Our team

These sub-sectors all have different challenges and opportunities. However, one overarching question remains across the industry: how can firms extract resources and produce energy in a cost-effective and sustainable manner? At Elixirr we can help create the innovative edge that will put your businesses in front of competitors in this time of change. Connect with us today to find out how.

How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build you bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll help you stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Future-proof your business model
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Define and launch new and updated business models that will achieve your vision for the future in a flexible ever-changing environment.

Harness innovation
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Empower growth by utilising our network to identify and integrate the right strategic partners across the innovation landscape, to support achievement of boardroom objectives through building, buying or partnering.

Build new propositions
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Imagine, launch and scale new value propositions by leveraging connections from across our network, comprised of the world’s best and most disruptive start-ups, scales ups, VCs and corporates.

Reshape and redefine the industry
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Shape and redefine industry policy to set boundaries for how the sector will achieve challenging legislation and ambitious global targets.

Execute a successful growth strategy
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Set your leading short and long-term growth strategy by crafting unique business models reflecting future disruptors and market trends.

Reassess your customer’s needs
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Expand product offerings with a future-facing innovation agenda to challenge the norms of today’s industry.

Identify and prepare for risks
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Redesign your organisation to adapt to new challenges faced across the sector and the shift in customer expectation.

Drive value into your business
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Redesign your operations and uncover new ways to enhance value across your business by optimising existing assets for sustainable change.

Accelerate your pace of change
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Deliver accelerated change at scale by aligning portfolio change to value creation and building in agile practices and governance throughout your organisation.

Supercharge your movement to digital
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Amplify digital transformation by outperforming competition through designing compelling digital strategies and integrating future technologies now.

Prepare for the future
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Secure delivery of your biggest board level challenges before they become challenges.

Our experts

We treat your business like it’s our business. Our team of energy, resources and utilities consultants come from a diverse range of backgrounds, meaning we have the tools and expertise to solve your toughest business challenges at pace.

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