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We are not afraid to challenge convention.

We work with clients across industries all over the world, and we love what we do.

We are driven by a purpose: to be the best consulting firm in the world.

We are Elixirr, The Challenger Consultancy.

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Our core values


Innovation is driven by teamwork. We believe that the most exceptional results come from putting our minds together and collaborating.


Entrepreneurs are resilient and ambitious. They challenge convention and don’t accept the status quo. This is an attitude and mindset that is embedded within our business.

Creating a legacy

We are The Challenger Consultancy. What does that mean? Instigating lasting change, disrupting the ordinary and leaving behind a legacy.

Beyond expectations

Since day 1, our success has been built on exceptional results. This comes from consistently going above and beyond for our clients, our team, and our community.

Awards & recognition

From our work with clients, to our firm’s growth, to the way we market ourselves, we’ve proudly been recognised and awarded for our achievements.

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How we work

We help senior business leaders turn ideas into actions. Of course, it’s execution that determines success; that’s why we also make change happen, treating our clients’ business like our own.

01 Discover what’s possible

Global innovation ecosystem

Rediscover your agility. Let us introduce you to the most disruptive startups and technologies that can help you realise what’s possible.

Future-first design

Enter the digital fast lane. Unlike traditional as-is/to-be approaches, we design from the future backwards. Bring your ideas to life and put them to the test with real customers, quickly.

New ways of working

Learn how to increase speed and agility within your teams. Create new patterns of behaviour across every level of your organisation, and build new capabilities and muscle memory that can sustain new ways of working.

02 Make change happen

Idea to action

It’s pretty easy to find ‘that’ innovation. The one that will ensure your business survives. The one that will help you get ahead. But how do you get from an idea to action? How do you make it happen in practice?

Build and scale new businesses

We help established companies, incubate new businesses or scale existing ones. From rapid prototyping and testing of new concepts to creating a network effect for customer acquisition, we can help you grow.

Innovate like a startup

We help businesses create an environment for innovation to thrive. From large-scale transformation to continuous improvement, we can help you build a sustainable business that can change course to withstand any market headwind.

Our history

It all started around a garden table in 2009. Five founders wanted to create the best consulting firm in the world, and the rest is history…

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We’re building the best consulting firm in the world, so we need the best team in the world. Our people are laser-focused. High performers without the ego. Sound like you?

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