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Managed Services

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managed services

Free up your resources from activities that don’t directly contribute to the bottom line while still obtaining the highest performance from your critical data technology investments. Gain access to a highly skilled group of experts at your fingertips who can help manage and optimise the complex integration of services required to support businesses today. Improve your efficiency and reliability with our support team’s 24/7 coverage. Optimise your resources and achieve cost savings followed by higher business results.

Our expertise

Deep expertise

Our team prides itself on broad functional and technical skills. When you work with us you get the benefits of 20+ years of client service and experienced staff who have successfully delivered projects across all industries and technologies, whether via cloud, on-premise, etc.

Proactive & custom solutions

Backed by ITIL industry standards, we develop additional customised processes and automation. By providing frequent reports, we ensure every part of the process is optimised.

Continuous optimisation

Our team will partner with you and your organisation to help monitor and identify areas for improvement and optimisation. We believe our customers need more from a managed services provider than just keeping the lights on. Businesses depend on data as the lifeblood of their organisation and need a partner who will help them maximise this asset on an ongoing basis, which is where we thrive.

24/7 coverage

We provide scalable staffing to support incidents and requests, monitoring & alerting, 24/7 production workload and live system support to ensure successful stability of your data platform.

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How can managed services help you

As a company with more than 20 years of experience in IT service industry, we have seen and dealt with most, if not all, data, infrastructure and application issues. From this experience, we have also realised that our clients don’t need “cookie-cutter” managed services but an individual approach.

We offer custom-tailored managed services that are built to fit your ongoing needs and that will help achieve your business goals. We do not offer pre-built MS packages; we approach every client individually, analyse their environment and then use that analysis to inform what the best MS team looks like for you and which combination of skills and knowledge will be provided.

Our managed services truly provide a one-stop shop for your IT needs and through that, we enable you to focus on your business while we focus on IT solutions and ensure they are always run optimally.

How we can help

Whatever the challenge, our team of experts have the tools to build bespoke, sustainable and market-leading solutions that’ll allow you to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Platform & systems administration
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Platform and systems administration as part of managed services involves the management and maintenance of the underlying technology infrastructure necessary for the operation of various software applications and services within an organisation. This includes overseeing the hardware, operating systems, networking components and other system-level software required to support business operations, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid.

Workload monitoring & management
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Workload monitoring & management is a crucial aspect of IT operations, particularly in the context of managed services. It involves overseeing and optimising the allocation of computing resources to various workloads or applications running on the infrastructure. It is essential for optimising the performance, efficiency and reliability of IT infrastructure and ensuring that workloads are effectively managed to meet business objectives and service-level agreements.

System optimisation & SysOps
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Managing and maintaining the operational aspects of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, our professionals are responsible for ensuring the reliability, security and efficiency of the systems and applications that support the organisation’s business operations. This may involve optimising database queries, tuning operating system settings, caching frequently accessed data and implementing performance-enhancing techniques such as load balancing and caching.

Migrations and enhancements
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Migrations and enhancements are integral parts of IT operations and systems management, requiring careful planning, execution and ongoing optimisation to ensure that IT systems and infrastructure effectively meet the needs of the organisation and support its business objectives. Our expertise lies in infrastructure migration, application migration and database migration.

Support & service desk
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Our service desk services play a critical role in ensuring that end-users have access to timely and effective technical support, enabling them to overcome IT challenges and maintain productivity in their daily work activities. By providing responsive and reliable support services, help desk teams contribute to the smooth operation of IT systems and the overall success of the organisation.

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