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Executive Immersions

Accelerating change by connecting companies with those at the forefront of the market.

What are immersions?

Our immersions bring executive teams from around the world to key hubs of innovation, from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv. We connect these teams with the most disruptive start-ups, VCs, entrepreneurs, accelerators and thought leaders to inspire fast-paced change.

Each immersion is curated in line with your wants and needs, from culture and ways of working, through to future business direction. As a bespoke event, the immersion is designed to inspire and support your specific strategic agenda.

Why do we run immersions?

Immersions are a transformative experience for business leaders for a number of reasons. Primarily, immersions expose companies to market-leading technologies and new practices for delivering solutions. The shared experience helps build a united vision among executive leadership, guiding the future strategic direction of the company. Companies can also learn how VC firms are investing in the next generation of firms, through a portfolio of small experiments. And finally, immersions allow executives to experience and understand the mindset of leaders who have embedded a “learn fast” mentality in organisations, creating an environment for innovation to thrive.

We run four types of immersion events


Mindset, culture & ways of working

Learn from organisations that have successfully embedded a dynamic mindset primed to disrupt the market.


Market insights, future trends & new technologies

Be exposed to emerging trends and innovation shaped by technology to stay ahead.


Future strategic business direction

Translate strategy into concrete execution plans by understanding the partnerships, capabilities and considerations to achieve them.


Specific topic deep dive

Meet with thought leaders, start-ups and VCs to explore the latest technologies within a pre-defined specific focus area and collaboratively scope proof of concepts.

What an immersion looks like

We want to make sure you get the most out of your immersion, so there’s always lots on the agenda.

Meet VCs
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We’ll introduce you to multiple VCs during the week, giving you the chance to meet portfolio start-up founders.

Meet start-ups
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A key purpose of the immersion is to help you think and act like a start-up, so we’ll connect you with those at the forefront of the market. You’ll hear about the latest technologies and engage in discussions about how they can be applied to your business.

Meet accelerators
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We’ll introduce you to accelerators and discuss relevant themes.

Meet thought leaders
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We’ll introduce you to thought leaders – those at the forefront.

Meet corporates
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Partnering with a start-up might seem daunting. We’ll introduce you to corporates who have invested in start-ups before so you can understand exactly how the process works.

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The immersion is an active experience. It’s important that after each presentation and discussion we collaboratively reflect and talk through any ideas and learnings to determine how these are relevant for you.

Networking events
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We’ll introduce you to people in our innovation network, whether it’s start-ups you’ve heard from throughout the week or entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Objective setting
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With insights and discussions from the week front-of-mind, we’ll work together to align on priorities and set objectives in this working session.

Define opportunities
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As the event comes to a close, we’ll reflect on key insights and the key opportunities these highlight.

Capability mapping
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In order to address these opportunities and execute them successfully, we’ll identify the core capabilities required.

Execution plans
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We’ll facilitate mini workshops to help your teams develop and build on existing execution plans.

Next steps
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We’ll present and discuss next steps, taking all insights on board to consider how we can transform your organisation with emerging technology.

From our clients

“The new categories immersion was inspirational due to the fantastic start-ups that we were introduced to and the insight that was given during the panel session. It was the ideal combination of subject matter expertise on some of our key focus areas such as sustainability and direct-to-consumer (D2C) models. “
New Categories Brand Director Global Retail Firm
“It’s such a great opportunity to connect to interesting firms that work on innovative solutions and think how we can get our head around adopting new solutions, creating extra value for our customers.”
Anon Major Global Insurer
“Loved the ‘speed dating’ with other companies outside our own, this keeps us up-to-speed in terms of what is happening outside and what feature we can add to our landscape for simplification and enhancing user experience.

Thank you for such a wonderful day! “
Global Business Services Global Retail Firm
“A big thank you from me and the LEX Team for a first-class digital immersion day. Thanks to a thorough and collaborative preparation, the session introduced the team to extremely relevant start-ups, enabling LEX to best leverage digital capabilities.”
LEX Director Global Retail Firm
“This week has been excellent and there have been so many learnings. But, the main tool for me is how to get innovation into action – to move to something really meaningful.”
Anon Major Global Insurer

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