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Breakthrough Imperatives

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In any executive accountability, there are business imperatives: unprecedented outcomes that are necessary for success.

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The term breakthrough is frequently overused and misunderstood. We define a breakthrough as a specific, measurable result that is unprecedented given historical trends, current resources and circumstances. Often, breakthroughs can seem impossible, even when you are fully committed to delivering this result.

A breakthrough imperative is an initiative with an aggressive and quantifiable goal. The goal represents the accomplishment of an unprecedented or seemingly impossible objective. Common applications include:

  • Creating or capturing a new market opportunity—fast and first
  • Ensuring execution of any initiative that may be challenging
  • Achieving a specific result that is unprecedented for the team or enterprise

The power of breakthrough performance

Breakthroughs fundamentally change what is possible for an organisation because it changes what people in the company can accomplish in the future. We support your people to think newly and act differently to drive remarkable outcomes.

Having a breakthrough requires a fundamental shift in thinking and approach. It has to be intentionally delivered through commitment and collaboration. The outcome, therefore, is sustainable and produced without sacrificing quality, integrity or the wellbeing of products, services or relationships.

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Our methodology for generating breakthroughs is designed around action. Four things must happen in succession to achieve success:

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Reveal the prevailing and controlling conversations that give rise to the way people in the organisation act, interact, approach problems and view the work environment. This means confronting what is considered to be “real”, such as assumptions and beliefs.

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An organisation and its people must unhook from the prevailing conversations by recognising them as just one possible set of conversations. This means understanding that much of what is considered to be real is actually just a collection of interpretations and facts. By unhooking people from prevailing conversations, enterprises can create an opening for new possibilities to emerge.

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Once free from the prevailing conversations, individuals can invent and design a new set of conversations based on an inspiring future to drive new and potent actions and results. Conversations move from being circumstance-based to being commitment-based.

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At this point, organisations can operate from a base of new conversations, and individuals can design the appropriate structures and practices of operating to turn a breakthrough goal into breakthrough performance.

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