Modern Slavery Statement

Financial Year ending 31st December 2023

Organisation Structure

 Elixirr is the challenger consultancy. Elixirr International plc is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and is the parent company of: Elixirr Consulting Limited, Elixirr Consulting (Jersey) Limited, Elix-IRR Consulting Services (South Africa) Limited, Elixirr Inc., Elixirr LLC, Den Creative Limited, The Retearn Group Ltd, iOLAP Inc.; iOLAP d.o.o., Elixirr Digital Limited, Insigniam SAS, Insigniam LLC, and Responsum, Inc. (together the Elixirr Group). We employ over 500 people, in the following countries: UK, Jersey, USA, Croatia, South Africa and France. Our employees travel internationally to provide services to our global client base. This statement is made on behalf of the Elixirr Group. 

Risk Assessment

In preparing this Modern Slavery Statement in compliance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we have identified those areas of greatest risk from a Modern Slavery Act perspective. 

Our business comprises the employment of consultants and creatives, and some contractors, who provide our services to our clients. All of our employment contracts and contracting agreements require that the individual complies with applicable law. 

We ensure that our UK client engagement contracts include a requirement to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 so that we have the ability to terminate the relationship if the client is in breach of this obligation. 

Our Supply Chain

 Our supply chain includes international recruiters and events companies who help us to attract and hire talented consultants and creatives from a pool of global talent. We also engage third party suppliers of goods and services required for the running of our offices, including cleaning services, office supplies and international travel agencies. 

We have mitigated our risk by ensuring our UK supplier contracts have adequate obligations imposed on the companies we contract with to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. 

Transparency Statement

Due to the growth and corporate restructuring of the Elixirr Group, we are continuing with the due diligence exercise we commenced last year to audit all of our third party suppliers to ensure that they have adequate procedures and processes in place to ensure the protection and safeguarding of their employees and supply chain. We anticipate this will be completed during 2024. 

Modern Slavery Statement and Whistleblowing Policy 

All our employees and contractors are contractually obligated to familiarise themselves and ensure compliance with the provisions of this Modern Slavery Statement and the applicable Whistleblowing Policy for the relevant Elixirr company. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. 

All our employees and contractors working on client matters are contractually obliged to familiarise themselves and ensure compliance with the internal policies of any clients they are performing services for. 

Mandatory Annual Training 

All our UK employees and (in the USA) employees of Elixirr LLC are required to complete a mandatory training module about the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act, which educates them on how to report suspicious activity and to be aware that it is the responsibility of everyone in the Elixirr Group to align with our values to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking. In respect of companies newly acquired into the Elixirr Group, such training will be rolled out during 2024. 

Future Steps 

We will continue to actively monitor the Elixirr Group’s supply chain during 2024 and work to ensure that our approach to eliminating the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking is also adopted internationally and includes companies newly acquired into the Elixirr Group. 

By publishing this Modern Slavery Statement on the Elixirr website, the Directors of Elixirr International plc aim to send out a very clear message to our global investors, clients, suppliers, employees, contractors and prospective employees and contractors that everyone involved with the Elixirr Group has a personal duty to be alive to the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking and understand that it will not be tolerated by the Elixirr Group. 

Board Ratification

This Modern Slavery Statement for financial year ending 31st December 2023 has been approved by the Board of Directors of Elixirr International plc. 

Ian Ferguson
Director and General Counsel