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People’s United Bank: creating world-class customer experiences


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People’s United Bank wanted to assess their contact center’s operating model, tools, technology and capabilities. From the assessment findings we collaborated with the bank’s stakeholders to build a contact center strategy that helped progress wider company goals. We then developed short, medium and long-term contact center transformation roadmaps which aligned with its corporate and customer experience strategy and targets. The result would help the bank to create the best-in-class customer experience and a competitive advantage over others in the market.

  • Outcome 1: Developed 14 short, medium and long-term contact center goals focused on transforming People’s United Bank’s approach to create great customer experiences, both for the client and contact center personnel
  • Outcome 2: Delivered on 42 projects designed to achieve the contact center goals, evolving the bank’s tooling, automation and channel capabilities to enable excellent self-service care, sales opportunities and best-in-class rankings

The Challenge

Across industries, consumers not only want excellent product and service offerings, but also incredible user experiences. It’s now vital for businesses to offer simple and personalized experiences that are tailored to the individual, and for financial services providers, any interactions must be quick and seamless.

People’s United Bank, a regional bank headquartered in Connecticut, wanted to assess their contact center to build a strategy that aligned with wider business goals. This would help the bank to deliver a market-leading customer experience that drove customer retention and growth.

Initial interviews revealed a desire for the team to provide better customer experiences, including increased speed for fulfilling calls and more personalized experiences for the customer. They also wanted to identify potential revenue opportunities to assist the bank. With ever-increasing call volumes, People’s United Bank were looking for an approach which harnessed technology and training so they could sustain their results.

The Approach

Our team conducted interviews and shadowed individuals at the contact center to better understand their challenges and identify areas for improvement. This included looking closely at the department’s general processes, technologies and roles. The findings from this review led to our second phase: validating the corporate strategy and creating a complementary contact center strategy which added clear vision, values and principles.

Working with contact center and customer executives, we collectively identified strategic initiatives to bring their desired objectives to life, along with a prioritization framework to get there. This enabled People’s United Bank to supercharge its transformation with quick, medium and long-term goals clearly identified.

The Impact

Producing a plan to tackle the contact center’s strategy, tools, service capabilities, data utilization and workforce management objectives gives the bank a competitive advantage in the quality of care and services to their customers. Additionally, the execution of the plan will increase client satisfaction resulting in strong retention, and will increase the likelihood of customers obtaining more products and services.

“The expertise from our partners at Elixirr helped guide us through the process to stand up our new Transformation Office. By building a dedicated team at the Bank to focus on digital engagement and our future service model, Elixirr helped drive our strategy across the Enterprise and enhanced the client experience and the employee experience.”

Ravi Vakacherla

Chief Transformation Officer, People’s United Bank

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