This children’s charity was challenged with providing two cost-saving scenarios. They wanted to achieve this by finding strategic and organisational design options that provided the savings they needed to make, rather than assigning proportional targets to departments. They found that these targets would be difficult to meet without an extensive review into several Lines of Enquiry (LoE).

Why Elixirr?

This children’s charity identified 13 cross-divisional LoE and sought external help to revise their focus and organisational design. They engaged us for our extensive experience in organisation design, to support driving 3 of these LoE forward: Geographical Prioritisation, (Thematic) Technical Support and Awards Management.

The challenge

We were asked to take an in-depth look at geographical prioritisation. How did it contribute to the overall strategy? What income, impact and budget saving implications would there be if they decided to tighten their contribution? This children’s charity also wanted to establish options for a revised organisational design for their division.

The approach

In order to provide a series of possible options for a revised organisational design, we conducted activity-based analysis of technical support and awards management across full-time employees. This allowed us to define the baseline, pain points and areas for increased efficiency.

We held several workshops for this organisation, including ‘Design Principles’, defining ‘To-Be’ organisational design options, and identifying pain points in the ‘As-Is’ operating model. We then looked at the various options in terms of pros and cons, fit with strategy, and impact on outcomes and cost.

The value

By constructing a baseline of activity analysis within technical and awards teams, and geographic re-prioritisation, we identified areas for efficiency improvements. We also provided the children’s charity with options for the design of the Global Programmes organisation to further increase the Division’s effectiveness and impact.