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Boston Red Sox: making data clean and valuable


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The Boston Red Sox, an American Major League Baseball team, came to iOLAP, our specialist data and technology team, with a challenge. Their customer data was disorganized and incomplete, which was prohibiting the organization from using it to target its database with offerings, and requiring additional time from employees when handling customer support, among other limitations. iOLAP established a model to sort the data and clean it at the source.

  • Outcome 1: Created a process whereby operators can easily identify customers from different data systems
  • Outcome 2: Implemented the same dataset within the client’s enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to make sure that data from different target systems are in sync
  • Outcome 3: Increased customer support efficiency and targeted campaign responses

The Challenge

The Boston Red Sox organization was having difficulty matching contacts in its source data systems, including ticketing, MLB data feeds and customer relationship management (CRM) leads, which left them unknowing how many touchpoints a fan received and meant customer profiles were incomplete. They came to iOLAP to help identify bad data and duplicate accounts and design a process to clean the data at the source.

The Approach

In order to successfully correlate data between EDW, facility management (FM) and CRM systems, iOLAP established a data governance baseline. This would streamline the process of adding new sources by automatically pushing the data into the established table formats within the model. Once matched in the master data management system (MDM), all touchpoints for a given contact could be easily identified. Within the MDM, reports can be written to identify inconsistent data across systems where the same contact exists in multiple locations. This will allow the team to clean the data at the source on an ongoing basis as issues are flagged.


The Impact

With records from various source systems now combined into a single MDM system, operators are able to easily identify customers that were created from any of the other systems. All systems within their EDW now utilize the same dataset, ensuring that data is in sync between various target systems. As a result of this, the Boston Red Sox organization is able to build out its customer profiles and better target offerings which has led to improved campaign response rates. Customer support time decreased due to quick access to accurate customer history, assets and background. Moreover, MDM created a framework that can be expanded to improve quality of other master data elements for the entire organization.

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