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Benchmark Capital: website redesign and brand launch


Elixirr Digital


Financial Services



Benchmark Capital are a UK-based financial advisory firm that aim to empower clients through insights and investment solutions. Having recently been acquired, the firm saw an opportunity to re-brand their website, showcasing their end-to-end service offering while adhering to their new parent company’s website guidelines. With capabilities across the full digital spectrum, Elixirr Digital were engaged to help Benchmark make the most of this opportunity. The result? A completely redesigned website, built in line with the parent company’s guidelines, and a marketing strategy that will help catapult Benchmark’s traffic and website leads.

  • Outcome 1: Development of a website prototype
  • Outcome 2: A 12-month omnichannel digital marketing strategy, outlining core initiatives for launching and scaling their refreshed brand
  • Outcome 3: A fully developed content strategy, outlining core assets required for launch, a breakdown of their audience groups and an ongoing plan to ensure future content resonates with their target segments

The Challenge

Benchmark Capital, a financial services firm targeting financial advisors, had recently been acquired by Schroders, a UK-headquartered asset management organisation. As part of the transition, Benchmark Capital were required to update their website structure to adhere to guidelines that Schroders’ applied to all of their subsidiaries. Spotting an opportunity to re-capture their audience’s attention and improve user experience, Benchmark Capital engaged Elixirr Digital to redesign their website, while also building a complete marketing strategy to help the firm boost traffic and awareness. This would not only enable Benchmark to better market their service offering, but it would also help to increase website traffic, improve user journeys and ultimately attract and retain new clients.

The Approach

Work was divided into three interlinked workstreams: website redesign, content strategy and digitial marketing strategy. All shared insights were generated from an initial discovery phase. This involved conducting stakeholder and user interviews, competitor research, developing core personas and market analysis to fully understand the tasks users were looking to complete. We also identified where there was friction in the user journeys and the problem areas that were unaddressed by the website.

The differentiation between the target B2C and B2B journeys meant that building a clear information architecture was central to the project. In order to do this, we conducted multiple rounds of navigation testing to refine the proposed designs. This led to the production of a high-fidelity prototype used to drive stakeholder buy-in and allowed for us to implement the design at pace.

Alongside this, we sourced existing content that could be used on the website and identified where new content would be required. Based on this, we developed a content plan to ensure Benchmark had a clear approach to producing the content required for launch and beyond.

The Impact

There were two components of the website redesign: creating a user-centric website and creating a site that the Schroders development team could quickly build.

On the user side, through research and testing we were able to create a unified website that catered to the different target audiences and enabled them to navigate directly to content aligned to their needs.

The creation of an end-to-end marketing and content strategy gave Benchmark Capital the tools to not only drive traffic to their website, but also sustain this level of engagement, which would ultimately drive lead generation, client retention and awareness.

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