Here at Elixirr, we invest heavily in our people because we know that to become the best consulting firm, we need exceptional talent. 

Our commitment to championing continuous learning and professional development of team members is showcased through our partner coach mentorship programme. Pairing partners with coachees—ranging from analysts to principals—creates a platform to discuss themes and topics that will enhance a coachee’s overall skillsets.  

This approach ensures that all coachees receive personalised guidance and support from partners, creating a roadmap for coachees to achieve their goals and objectives.  

The importance of mentorship 

Mentorship from a partner coach offers you a shortcut to valuable career lessons without the need for excessive trial and error. Instead of figuring things out on your own, you get to learn from your partner coach’s experiences and insights.  

In addition to knowledge sharing, the relationship established with your partner coach can have a significant impact on career development and progression. Partner coaches serve as advocates to coachees, leveraging annual performance evaluations and firm contributions, throughout the year and during promotion cycles.  

The partner coach experience 

Connecting with a partner coach for the first time may feel a little intimidating but rest assured that our partner coaches are committed to the success of their coachees and will do everything possible to create a welcoming environment for learning.  

Once you have been assigned a partner coach, an in-person or virtual coffee chat will be scheduled to give you the chance to meet and get to know each other a little before embarking on the programme. 

Coachees find time spent with partners to be extremely valuable, and you’ll have the chance to glean insights into their extensive experience and ask questions about the types of projects or industries you may wish to pursue.  

Partners will also provide guidance such as hands-on support and recommended lesson plans to help you continually improve. 

Fostering team camaraderie 

Many coachees have the same partner coach, therefore they can develop meaningful and trusted relationships with their peers. Belonging to the same partner coach group creates an inner circle where coachees feel at ease seeking advice and exchanging ideas, having shared similar journeys of challenges and triumphs. 

This dynamic foster team members with a sense of belonging. Beyond professional chats, they share hobbies, interests and life experiences on a personal level. This deeper connection strengthens, bonds and establishes a vibrant and interconnected community, where individuals support each other, not just in the office but, in all aspects of life. 

Partner coach impact on development

The impact of my partner coach on my development as an analyst has been substantial. Through ongoing conversations, my partner coach has been instrumental in refining my leadership skills and improving my communication abilities both with team members and clients. 

Additionally, my partner coach has helped me hone my technical proficiencies with applications like PowerPoint and Excel. Beyond enhancing my professional strengths, discussions with my partner coach have provided a platform for me to address areas for improvement, which has resulted in refining my skills as an analyst. 

Furthermore, working with my partner coach has not only helped me tackle everyday challenges but also helped me to plan for the future. This comprehensive way of focusing on strengths, current issues and future plans, highlights how much my partner coach has positively influenced my growth as an analyst. 

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