AI expert and Partner John Kalil stepped in front of the camera to cover some of the core questions you should be asking when considering an AI strategy for your business. From software to use cases and responsibilities, he covers it all. Take a listen.

Should I build my own AI solution or should I buy it?

AI is not like typical software. It’s important to consider whether your organisation has what it takes to build and maintain your own AI platform, or if outsourcing is a better investment.

Where should I use AI in my organisation?

Get insight into how to identify the best use cases for AI in your organisation. John breaks down the answer identifying three simple criteria.

What’s my AI strategy?

“AI is not magic, it’s simply math,” says Partner John Kalil. The answer to your AI strategy question may not be as complex as you think…

What is my responsibility with AI?

AI can be an extremely valuable tool to organisations across industries. But, in order to reap the benefits, each and every one of us has a responsibility with it.

Find out how our experts can facilitate your organisation’s AI journey, from developing the strategy through to technical execution:

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