Last month, in collaboration with Bain Capital Ventures, we brought together our clients in the banking space to help them understand the practical use cases for emerging technologies at our inaugural BankTech Meetup.

Guests heard from firms disrupting the industry, a leading VC investor’s perspective on technology trends within banking, and a keynote speaker on the future of digital assets.

BankTech helped foster collaboration and facilitate knowledge exchange across the banking sector, specifically exploring:

  • Accelerated analytics
  • Generative AI
  • Metaverse and asset tokenisation

Our clients and speakers took to camera to share insights from the day:

Wondering where to get started?

Our experts will help you demystify technology like generative AI, which can unlock new value for your team, customers and shareholders, quickly. Learn more about the technology, its business cases and the risks to be aware of:

Generative AI explained