We’re delighted to present our latest set of interim results for H1 22.

During the period, we’ve continued to invest in key partner hires and acquisitions, diversifying and strengthening the business, while continuing to solidify our core offering. This has ensured we remain well-positioned to support our clients’ changing needs, particularly during challenging market conditions.

Through promotions and employee initiatives, we’ve continued to build and retain a team of talented, driven and ambitious entrepreneurs, and our H1 22 results are a testament to the dedication and commitment of our people, and the fantastic work they deliver to our global client base.

So far on a macro-level, 2022 has not been without its challenges, but Elixirr’s ability to adapt to changing market demands has continued to be evident in the first half of the year. We can see the results of our profile growing in the market and have reaped the benefits of our expanding capabilities as we continue to provide an extensive range of services to our clients, while retaining our bespoke and personalised approach – a key differentiator for us in our industry.

Stephen Newton, Founder & CEO, Elixirr

We’ve never been better positioned to serve our clients’ needs and we look forward to seeing what can be achieved as we continue our expansion into new and existing markets.

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