Hi, I’m Millie, a Marketing Intern. And I’m Ellie, an Analyst Intern. We’ve spent the last two months interning at Elixirr, getting a glimpse of what life would be like as part of the team. After getting stuck straight in to projects, workshops, sprints, campaigns (and the occasional Thursday pub trip) it’s fair to say, the time has been fast-paced, full on and thoroughly enjoyable.

During the last few weeks, we took some time to reflect on our experiences and how we could help prospective interns and candidates get an idea of what the role might look like.  

Read on to hear all our thoughts.

It’s not your typical consultancy… so why should I apply?


For precisely that reason. If you like a challenge and learn best when given real responsibility, then this is the company for you. The learning curve here at Elixirr is steep. However, the team around you couldn’t be more supportive. Everyone wants you to succeed.

Another benefit of the graduate level role here is the opportunity to form relationships with clients from day 1.  This is mirrored within the office, as being immediately part of the wider team means that you get the chance to meet everyone in the business, from other analysts all the way to partners. Everyone is very friendly and they actively take time to get to know you, both virtually and in the office.


From a marketing and operational perspective, Elixirr isn’t conventional, or predictable. As this was my first job out of university, I didn’t have many preconceptions about the workload. But, speaking to friends at similar stages, it’s very clear that Elixirr is unique. From my first day I was being trusted to write social copy, edit articles, post Instagrams and take part in wider strategy and planning meetings.

It’s true that you are encouraged to not only take opportunities, but make your own. You’re not just part of another intake of interns, you’re a valued member of the team. Having real ownership, learning quickly and getting to know the whole team (from analyst to partner level) – that’s surely enough persuasion!

What’s the application process like?


Like most other things, the application process at Elixirr is by no means standard. I was offered the role within a week of my first interview. This was on a Thursday, and I started the following Monday. The whole process entailed interviews with both members of the marketing team, a written task, and an interview with a partner. Being thrown in without time to even think (and before I had even moved out of my university house) let me hit the ground running and get stuck in.


In true Elixirr fashion my application process was very different to Millie’s. Each application is dealt with individually and as a result there is no set timeframe.

My application consisted of a written introductory piece, a virtual assessment centre and then 2 in-person interviews. The assessment centre really epitomised Elixirr as a company, it was intellectually challenging and encouraged team work, all whilst in a supportive environment. After my assessment centre I was asked to come into the office for an interview with the Talent team, followed by a second interview with a partner.

What will I actually be doing?


One thing is for sure. At Elixirr, you won’t be short of things to do. My first 3 weeks were spent ‘on the bench’ where I assisted multiple different projects by building slides, collating, and presenting research, and supporting with workshop planning. These 3 weeks allowed me to meet a lot of people, whilst also learning Elixirr’s ways of working. After those 3 weeks (which in the scheme of things was a relatively long time compared to others!) I was put onto one of Elixirr’s flagship accounts. In this project I have been working as a Delivery Manager, helping to facilitate meetings, build decks and support my client team in implementing their goals. My experience really has been truly specific to Elixirr. I have built strong client relationships and been given true responsibility. It’s not a marketing ploy: you really do have to get stuck in and it’s brilliant.


As I touched on earlier, you will be doing anything and everything. The stereotypical intern coffee run is the one thing you won’t be doing. Unless, this is a coffee that you’re attending; one of the great things about Elixirr is the challenge set to new joiners, to organise 30 coffees in 30 days. Aside from meeting everyone, the opportunities here are never ending. You’re not told no, but rather, ok, let’s make shit happen (or #MSH – you’ll probably see this around a lot). For example, I had some ideas about a new Instagram strategy. I pitched them, took on the feedback, and now we’re rolling it out.

And aside from the work, what else do the team get up to?


The sense of teamwork carries across to out-of-work hours. The mentality is work hard, play hard – and whether it’s Thursday evenings at the pub, a game of touch rugby or The Pulse (our monthly, whole company update), there is always plenty to do outside of the office. Not only will you be learning a lot, but also having fun.


So, if you haven’t already gathered, Elixirr is a very sociable company. This culture of socialising as a business means bonds can be form outside of your grade allowing you to meet many more people and establish friends and mentors outside of projects.

We hope this has given you a good idea about what it’s like to be an intern at Elixirr, as well as what the application process looks like.

The team is always on the lookout for innovators, entrepreneurs, future-leaders and creatives, so if you think that’s you, please take a look at our Careers page and apply today.