A photo and quote from Oliver Bishop, Principal.

So, you’ve made it through university, passed the interview and assessment day with flying colours and landed your dream graduate job as an analyst. You arrive on your first day expecting to sit at your new desk, trawl through article after article, run errands for senior consultants and design flashy PowerPoints for clients that you’ll never meet.

Well, that’s what you might find at most consultancies, but life is a little different here…

We Collaborate

It’s not all ‘grunt’ work; we’re regularly involved in face-to-face meetings with senior stakeholders and work closely alongside our partners and principals. It’s a learning experience like no other! Your knowledge and skills grow rapidly by working in teams of exceptional, diverse minds (and we have a lot of fun too). I’ve personally had the chance to work on projects for clients that are bigger than I’d ever imagined. There’s something extremely satisfying about being given the responsibility to produce an important deliverable for a client, knowing that it’s going to have a meaningful impact on their company and deliver true value.

It’s this sense of collaboration that underpins the true character of our firm; hot-desking in our open plan office enables us to easily share ideas and encourage each other. No individual is more important than the next, creating an environment in which we work harmoniously and effectively. We’re building a business, together.

We Nurture

As a new analyst you are fully supported through your journey; everyone is assigned a ‘buddy.’ This is usually another analyst or a consultant who has been at the company for a while. Your buddy is there to show you the ropes when you begin and is on hand to answer any questions about how things are done by Elixirr. They are a friendly face and a point of contact at the beginning when settling into working life can be tough (especially after such a long summer holiday!)

You are also assigned a ‘partner coach’ who is there to help you move forward, grow and develop, and make sure that you’re reaching your career goals. They have years of invaluable experience behind them and, with that, a tonne of useful advice for driving your own career!

In our London office it’s written right there on the wall that that our newest recruit will one day lead our firm, and we’re certainly given the necessary support to lead us there!

We Create

As a firm with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, we are encouraged to explore and present creative ideas that we believe in. And when we do, we’re given the necessary support to transform them from dream to reality.



We Challenge

There’s no formal training programme here, which means you’re thrown in at the deep end from day 1. Only the most talented and driven of graduates are hired. That’s why we’re trusted to make change happen and are given the responsibility to do so from the outset. While this is daunting at first, I soon realised that the collaborative environment here means that you are encouraged to ask for help and advice from your colleagues. I’ve also had exposure to a vast range of different sectors from fashion to financial services.


We Explore

Such a dynamic role brings with it the opportunity to travel all over the world on international projects; you’d better have your suitcase packed because you could find yourself anywhere from San Francisco to Sydney! Let’s take a look at the stats from new analyst Hannah Spiro, shall we…

Analyst by numbers

I won’t lie, it’s a pretty good perk of the job and an excellent opportunity to explore new places.

We have big ideas

Life as an analyst does require a fair bit of brain power. Many projects involve gathering information, collecting and analysing data and developing recommendations designed to help our clients be the best that they can be. We are focused on developing ideas that change the game, working alongside fellow consultants and partners to ensure that we deliver real value to our clients.

So…what do you think? Bit different to what you initially thought, huh?

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