Entrepreneur Stephen Newton has built Elixirr to 113 employees and £15m turnover over the last seven years.

In BusinessZone’s latest Start | Scale | Disrupt podcast, Stephen talks about how businesses can embed innovation and shares their story of investing in startups.

“I’ve left the company three times myself,” says Newton, when talking about backing employees to take the leap into entrepreneurship. “You have to give people the space to grow into what they want to be. If you create the right platform for people to experiment and fulfill their ambitions it comes full circle.” He adds that they’ve funded former staff’s ventures and even covered their salary.

Elixirr started investing three years ago through Elixirr Capital. They invest based on personality, which is why their previous experience working with founder helps, and target technology and industry disruption including everything from a digital concierge service to a revolutionary solution for female incontinence.