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Leading dental insurer: optimizing digital marketing capabilities


Digital Marketing




San Francisco

Our long-standing client, a leading dental insurer in the US, came to us with a challenge. They wanted to introduce a new digital marketing function that would enhance the effectiveness of its marketing organization. With these improved marketing capabilities, the client’s goal was to boost retention and acquisition of valuable customer segments, reduce risk by stabilizing marketing operations, and drive organizational growth initiatives.

  • Outcome: Delivered a playbook for standing up a digital marketing function and integrating this into the existing marketing organization and its operations. The playbook included a roadmap and execution plan for mobilizing these new digital marketing capabilities and practices.

The Challenge

With stiff and growing competition in the US health insurance market, our client’s market share had plateaued. It needed a robust marketing organization, with mature, modern capabilities, in order to share its value proposition and communicate with its target audiences optimally. Since these audiences varied in motivation, size, geography and appetite for technology, it was important to help our client engage with them in different manners across various media. However, rather than simply investing in a handful of digital marketing channels, we needed to help our client stand-up its new function so that it could reach its audiences as effectively as possible.

The Approach

We worked with our client’s marketing organization to collaboratively develop a digital marketing playbook with a roadmap for this new function. We began by defining personas for the target audiences, identifying the optimal channels for reaching each of these segments. We then assessed each of the critical digital marketing channels, detailing how they should be used to reach our client’s audiences, how well they were being utilized already, and how mature our client’s underlying capabilities were to employ them effectively. Next, we worked to identify new capabilities that needed to be introduced to the organization, along with a set of new roles to support our client’s digital marketing function; we also outlined where and how existing roles could drive these practices. In addition, we conducted an opportunity analysis for different digital marketing channels, producing a recommended channel-budget split. Supplemented by competitor analyses, with recommendations of best practice in digital marketing, we produced an overarching set of recommendations for making channel-specific enhancements, and for utilizing existing marketing technologies as effectively as possible. With these changes and additions identified, we outlined, in detail, streamlined, standard processes for executing different marketing campaigns (with both digital and traditional means). Finally, we developed a step-by-step roadmap and checklist for mobilizing the digital marketing function and actioning the recommendations in the playbook.


The Impact

We supported our client by outlining a detailed approach for the marketing organization to drive key growth initiatives using digital means. Our playbook, which included experienced recommendations and an execution plan, has guided our client on standing-up its digital marketing function. The playbook outlined the key capabilities, personnel, processes and channel-specific considerations required for effective digital marketing. Our client continues to use the playbook as its key resource for building up its digital marketing practices; in addition, the playbook had become a guide for all marketing activities, to which the team refers on a daily basis.

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