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Inspiring a US financial services firm through a Silicon Valley immersion


Corporate venture innovation


Financial services



Our client, a financial services organization based in the US, wanted to improve its customer relationship and experience capabilities to reflect increasing customer expectations in the market. In just five weeks, our team identified challenges in current operations and facilitated a Silicon Valley innovation immersion that inspired the firm to think of future-first solutions. This visit resulted in prototype solutions and recommendations to tackle each challenge that, when actioned, would help the firm to deliver a best-in-class experience that positioned it ahead of competitors.

  • Outcome 1: 2 custom digital prototype solutions built alongside key stakeholders, drawing inspiration from the most disruptive products on the market
  • Outcomes 2: a roadmap for launching a bespoke and on-demand workforce scheduling application and a customized agent desktop dashboard that’ll allow the firm to offer a best-in-class customer experience

The Challenge

Advanced technologies and increasing client expectations will shift the state of play for contact centers, meaning financial services firms must continually adapt to make sure they’re delivering highly personalized client experiences. Our client, a financial services firm based in Nebraska, needed to improve its internal customer relationship capabilities to remain competitive in the market. Legacy technologies and a transactional, sales-driven customer services approach were holding the firm back from offering a best-in-class experience. Additionally, there were significant areas for improvement within its workforce management, order processing and fulfilment operations.

Stakeholders agreed that transforming services to be more client-centric would create a more attractive and consistent offering. But they also understood that, in order to get there, their contact center, workforce management (WFM) and middle office functions would have to be reshaped.

The Approach

Our team conducted a five-week sprint to assess the strategy, technology, processes and capabilities of our client’s contact center, WFM and middle office. We used the findings from this in-depth evaluation to form the basis of an innovation immersion visit to Silicon Valley with key stakeholders from the company.

On this visit, executives heard from top-of-the-market companies and startups that use disruptive contact center planning, processing and experience products. This inspired our teams to collaboratively design future-focused solutions to tackle their challenges. Overnight, Elixirr Digital brought these ideas to life, creating viable digital solutions to test. We then worked with our client’s leaders to develop execution strategies and roadmaps for building out these prototypes and putting them into action.

The Impact

Through our recommendations around technologies, processes and data utilization, we gave our client the tools to significantly improve its forecasting, planning, order fulfilment and interactions. This would help the firm to drive best-in-class customer experiences and remain competitive within the market.

Hearing from innovative startups and industry leaders, and then subsequently creating original designs, would help the company to effectively reshape its contact center, WFM and middle office processes, structure and technologies with a future-first approach. This will help guide leadership decision-making and organization planning, and will support them in reaching wider strategy goals. With its operations now in optimum condition, the firm is much better placed to drive a successful transformation to client-centric offerings that will help them retain, attract and win customers.

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