The detail

This leading family-owned business was looking to transform their annual brand planning process to make it more strategic and focused on growth. They needed support in creating a process that would identify the right opportunities, develop their ideas into propositions, supported by a business model, and then into business cases for consideration. We were engaged to make this happen for them.

They asked us “how can we transform our annual brand planning process to make it more strategic and focused on growth?” So, we helped them do it.


Definition of target customers, value proposition development, business model validation, resource identification, business case development, including financials.


Market analysis, proposition design, business model validation, financial modelling and business plan production.

This successful family-owned fashion and apparel brands company recognised that the pace of change in the external environment was outstripping the pace of change within their organisation. They wanted to introduce a culture of entrepreneurialism, involving more employees in initiatives so they could identify new growth opportunities for their brands and pursue these opportunities in a new more agile way.

Why Elixirr?

We were engaged on the back of our strong track record in immersing executives into the innovation ecosystems of Silicon Valley and London, helping them discover the art of the possible, developing new propositions and embedding new ways of working in their organisations.

The challenge

This brands company was looking to shake things up inside their organisation. They wanted to find a way to ensure they pursue and develop new opportunities outside of the constraints of their existing ways of working. They were looking for support in quantifying the size of opportunities, identifying the resources and business model required, and creating business cases to demonstrate the viability of the proposed propositions.

The approach

We conducted market analysis, customer surveys, and interviews to quantify the size of the opportunity. We led workshops attended by cross-functional brand teams who worked together to define the most appropriate business models to support the development of brand opportunities. Through this they were able to identify the resources, activities and operational parameters required.

The value

We produced a solid, commercial business plan for each of the proposed brand opportunities. Every one covered strategy, target customers, value proposition, products and services, operating model, marketing, financial model and business case. This gave them the strong foundations they were looking for to pitch the plans to their Executive Committee.

And the praise...

"Elixirr’s way of working enabled us to improve our brand planning process, developing ideas into concepts faster, and gave us a method to evaluate these propositions rigorously while maintaining pace and agility in our decision-making processes."

Global Strategy Director, Global sports, outdoor & fashion brands company