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A global bank: creating exceptional onboarding experiences


Business strategy


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UK / Jersey

A UK-based global bank wanted to enhance their offering in a rapidly changing landscape driven by regulatory constraints, reduced risk appetites and demands for an exceptional client experience. Our client engaged our team to provide an insights-based assessment of the market, as well as a technical assessment and biometric analysis of their client onboarding solution. This would help the bank offer customers a market-leading service, promoting retention and growth.

  • Outcome 1: A detailed analysis of market and customer dynamics, with associated opportunities that will help our client outpace competitors
  • Outcome 2: A review of the market’s perception of our client’s onboarding process, supported by advanced biometric analysis and surveys with the bank’s clients
  • Outcome 3: Clear and actionable recommendations to ensure our client can retain their strong market position and offer a market-leading client onboarding experience
  • Outcome 4: A revised and re-focussed plan for their portal development, better aligning to market demands and tailored to meet upcoming challenges

The Challenge

The current funds and institutional banking market is having to rapidly adapt. Regulatory constraints, reduced risk appetites, demands for an exceptional client experience and the emergence of disruptive neo banks are forcing incumbent organisations to rethink their offering.

Our client, a global bank based in the UK, wanted to review the market to identify the top customer pain points and growth opportunities. They also wanted to understand how their own offering was perceived by market participants.

The Approach

Firstly, we conducted a detailed review of the existing client onboarding portal through a series of customer surveys and state-of-the-art biometric tests. The biometric tests analysed facial expressions as well as mouse and eye movements to understand how customers interact with the current digital journey. We augmented the insights from this exercise with a survey of clients and potential clients.

In parallel, we analysed the current market dynamics and changing customer demands. We used primary interviews with the bank’s clients, market participants and competitors to create a first-hand view of emerging trends.

In just 3 weeks, we were able to collate and combine these insights to form a set of bespoke recommendations which would allow our client to maintain their market leading position in this fast-changing market.

The Impact

Our project provided our client with a significantly better understanding of the market’s perception of their product and the most critical areas for improvement. It also gave them a first-hand view of the latest and upcoming market developments – this was crucial in allowing them to stay ahead of the curve.

Based on our insights, the project sponsor was able to rally support to re-focus the product development plan for the coming years. This re-focus brought the organisation’s development plan in line with our project recommendations.

Our outside in approach means we provided our client with brand new data-led insights that would not only help shape the digital platform, but the entire ‘go-to-market’ strategy of this client segment, including new revenue streams, while also defining options to retain a profitable segment share. So, through implementing these recommendations and outpacing the market by delivering an exceptional client experience, our client can drive ambitious growth, whilst retaining their strong market position.

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