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We’re building the best consulting firm in the world. So we need the best team.

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Our newest recruit will one day lead our firm

It says so in our purpose statement and it’s written on our office walls. Our people make our firm. So we’ll be fully committed to supporting and inspiring your journey, from analyst all the way to partner.

Carve your own path

We expect excellence, so bonuses and promotions are awarded entirely based on your own merit. With opportunities for this every quarter, there’s no waiting around for your impacts to be recognised. Our people are passionate, restless and uncompromising. Entrepreneurs taking their careers into their own hands.

Work with people you like

We’re normal people, easy to get along with and we fit in well as part of our clients’ teams. There’s no ego here; our partners and principals work alongside our interns and analysts. We’re a tightly-knit group of exceptionally skilled people, building and running our business, together.

Our share options scheme

How do we build a firm of entrepreneurs? Through our equity participation scheme. Every employee, from entry-level analysts to the most seasoned principals, has the opportunity to be a true owner. We’re challenging the concept of employment, shifting to a model of mutual ownership.

We offer employees different routes to equity participation: a share options scheme gives employees the right to buy shares in the business in the future at the current market price; and an Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP) gives employees the option to invest a percentage of their salary to purchase shares, which are 100% matched by the company.

Building any business is a team game. Those who participate and contribute fully should be rewarded for it. For employees taking up the Share purchase scheme, the returns over five years can range from 100% (assuming the firm grows at 10%) and 490% (assuming the firm grows at 30%). This route has already proven effective: since listing in July 2020, Elixirr’s share price has grown by over 200%.

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Our people

Diversity of thought matters to us, and that means diversity of people. It’s with this attitude that we build our team.

Our male to female ratio across the firm is 50/50, and we speak over 28 languages. We welcome analysts from the best universities and business schools in the world and a plethora of previous careers, be it industry, consulting, startups or professional sport.

We’re a combination of industry professionals, subject matter experts, and career consultants. We also have personality; we’re stand-up comedians, pilots, yogis and musicians. Regardless of your background, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and ferocious drive, we want to meet you. Want to meet the team? Come along to our OpenDoor.

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From analyst to partner

In 2022 we welcomed Oliver Bishop into our Partner team. Oli started at the firm in 2012 and is the first person to be promoted all the way from analyst to partner.

Our people drive their own careers, and that’s what we mean when we call ourselves a firm of entrepreneurs.

Meet Oli.

Girl talking into microphone

Graduate opportunities

We are committed to nurturing young talent as we build our business. We invest in you from the outset, and work with you every step of the way to empower you to achieve your ambitions. There are two entry routes to our analyst role for undergraduates and postgraduates.


Whether you’re still at university or you recently graduated, you can complete a paid internship with us to give you a taster of what it’s like to work at Elixirr. Typically, our interns join us for 4 weeks. The internship gives us the chance to assess each other with a view to you joining our Analyst programme after graduation. We also offer work experience, like with students from Harris Westminster – find more about our partnership here.

Millie & Ellie’s intern experience


Our highly competitive Analyst programme is a permanent, entry-level position after graduation and a great opportunity to jump start your career. Our analysts work globally on client site with some of the world’s leading companies. They don’t just do the ‘grunt’ work, our analysts are regularly involved in face-to-face meetings with senior stakeholders, side by side with our partners and principals. It’s a learning experience like no other.

Bridget’s analyst experience

From our employees

“Having joined the Elixirr business through Retearn, I’ve enjoyed the enterprise-wide engagement. Internal groups I’m involved with such as The Elixirr Foundation and Sustainability team are entrepreneurial in spirit, and there’s a real buzz of energy that drives interest but also traction on the various initiatives.”
Oliver Jones – Principal Consultant Retearn
“If you are up for the challenge, the opportunities for growth and fast acceleration at Elixirr are certainly there for you to grab hold of! I’m incredibly proud to be part of a team that is full of diverse minds and driven, self-starters who are making a significant difference to our clients, the broader marketplace and our own business.”
Daniel Garsin – Partner
“If you’re looking for a place that doesn’t fit the design agency mould, look no further. The digital team at Elixirr is filled with multidisciplinary talent, applying creative thinking to complex business problems. We are a full service team; working through from concept to build to launch, realising digital solutions for global clients in a wide variety of industries. Supported by a wider team of industry experts.”
Manny Dhanda – Senior Designer Den Creative
“A transparent working culture with a focus on career growth. Working with some of the most talented individuals I can learn from and the exciting opportunities you get from taking up difficult challenges.”
Alpesh Gopal – Finance Manager
“Elixirr is unashamedly bold. Whether it’s speaking out about a controversial topic other companies are too scared to comment on, piloting an interview series from 3,000 ft in the air, or challenging long-standing traditions and stereotypes within the industry. It’s rare to find a brand that is so truthful to its identity, not letting what others are doing in the market influence their decisions.”
Nina Henderson – Marketing Consultant

Harris Westminster

Over the past four years, we have partnered with Harris Westminster Sixth Form – a school local to our main office in London – because we’re passionate that everyone has the tools to successfully enter the business world.

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