Nothing truly great was ever created by one person alone. It takes a whole team to achieve something really big. Together, we work hard and we play hard. We challenge each other, get through reams of Post-Its….and we eat a lot of Hobnobs while we’re doing it.

Five reasons to work at Elixirr

Our newest recruit will one day lead our firm.

It says so right there in our purpose statement. We are a true equity partnership, so your ambition to become a partner is more meaningful.

No B teams.

We’ve hand-picked the best consultants, entrepreneurs and senior players from industry and brought them together into one tightly-knit group of exceptionally skilled people.

Work with people you like.

We’re normal people, easy to get along with and we fit in well as part of our clients’ teams. There’s no ego here: our Partners and Principals work alongside our Interns and Analysts.

Make change happen.

We’re not restricted by red tape, process or head office reporting, so we can make quick decisions. We get things done – for our clients, and for ourselves.

Sit outside the bell curve.

We expect excellence, so performance ratings, promotions and career progression are awarded entirely based on your own merit. We don’t force fit our people into a pre-determined bell curve.

“If you are up for the challenge, the opportunities for growth and fast acceleration at Elixirr are certainly there for you to grab hold of! I’m incredibly proud to be part of a team that is full of diverse minds and driven, self-starters who are making a significant difference to our clients, the broader marketplace and our own business.”

Daniel Garsin - Principal
(originally joined us as a Consultant)

This works for us. Does it work for you?

We’re building the best consulting firm in the world, so we only accept the very best. That’s you? Super. We’ve been expecting you. Please read on…

Our people join us to make a difference. We all have a relentless desire to deliver better and better solutions for our clients, and for ourselves.

We’re growing fast and we move fast, our priorities are always changing. Challenging ineffective convention is what we will always do, changing the game in our own industry and helping our clients change the game in theirs.

We play by our own rules, and our people and our clients like that. Joining our team means you would be working alongside the very best industry, consulting and entrepreneurial talent as we only select those who are 100% committed to quality and who will relish working in our fast-paced environment. We truly embrace diversity of nationality, gender and professional background. It accelerates us to thinking differently and that’s what fuels our approach.

We’re a firm of entrepreneurs. A culture of thinkers and makers, empowered by the freedom to get things done.

You’ve heard of the challenger banks? We’re the challenger consultancy.

Sounds like a match? Contact:

Rosie Sperring - Manager
(joined us from industry)

“Time flies at Elixirr. We consult on fascinating client projects across an impressive range of industries. I really have gone beyond my comfort zone and done it all, from strategy formulation to video production. I love it! We all have a ‘can-do’ attitude, nothing fazes us, nothing is beyond our reach. An added bonus is the intelligent, welcoming people I get to work with every day.”

Oliver Bishop - Manager
(originally joined us as an Analyst)

“The culture’s brilliant and there’s a real sense of identity in the firm. I was instantly working with people who are very senior and leaders in their areas, and from day one, I was meeting heads of departments of FTSE 100 companies. I learnt a lot very quickly, both from colleagues and clients.”

We're hiring!

Graduate programmes

We are committed to developing and cultivating young consulting talent as we build our business. We invest in you from the outset and work with you every step of the way to enable you to achieve your ambitions.

There are two entry routes for undergraduates and postgraduates:

  • Intern
    Completing an internship while you are still at university will give you a taster for what it’s like to work at Elixirr. Typically, our interns join us for 4 weeks and it gives us the chance to assess each other with a view to you joining our highly competitive Analyst programme after graduation. Here’s what Adi, one of our recent US Interns, had to say about her experience…
  • Analyst
    Our highly competitive Analyst programme is a permanent, entry-level position after graduation and a great opportunity to jump start your consulting career. Our entry-level Analysts work around the world, on client site with some of the world’s leading companies. They don’t just do the ‘grunt’ work, our Analysts are regularly involved in face-to-face meetings with senior stakeholders, side by side with our Partners and Principals. It’s a learning experience like no other and you’ll be working on projects from the word ‘go’.

Gender pay

Our gender pay gap is 9.0% (mean) and 12.7% (median). Our male to female ratio across the firm is 50/50.

These figures are significantly (128%) better than the currently available figures of our industry peers. Technically, our figures are ‘good’, but we are not yet satisfied that they are good enough. Any gender pay gap is unacceptable. With no quick fix we will continue to strive to hire the best talent and give our people the best opportunities, with the right rewards – and no bias.

We don’t have to publish these figures, as we don’t yet employ 250 people. However, we are passionate about this issue and hold ourselves accountable to fixing it. We work every day to ensure that our females get exactly the same treatment as our males both with respect to pay and opportunities.

Our doors are open, take a look around...

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“In my 16 years of consulting, I have never previously had the privilege of working with such consistently inspiring, engaged and creative individuals. I have been cerebrally and creatively challenged more in the past 2 years at Elixirr than ever before in my career and am constantly inspired to bring my best self to work each day because I owe it not only to my clients, but to my fabulous colleagues. The sense of teamwork here is so strong – both in the office and in the pub.”

Katie Gillett - Principal
(joined us from consulting)