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Elixirr Capital is the investment arm of our firm.

We only invest in startups with big ambition: to change the game in their industry.

What we do in the consulting side of our business is help large companies embrace market disruption and use it to their advantage. We get our clients operationally ready to either respond or disrupt – and quickly – to ensure their future survival.

We know there is no other option but to act now before it’s too late…and we walk the talk. When we see the opportunity to disrupt a market whose structure or history prevents it easily disrupting itself, we put our money where our mouth is and invest in game-changing startups through Elixirr Capital.

Rather than simply investing money, we also invest the hands-on skill of our people, meaning they get startup experience, and the companies we invest in get access to top-quality professionals with a vested interest in driving their growth – 10% of any profit made from our investments goes directly into our employee bonus pool.

£1m of funding & mentoring up for grabs

The Pitch

Our investments

Femeda are bringing the first single-use, disposable electro-stimulation device for the pelvic floor to the mass market. The product, Pelviva, gets to the route of a problem that affects 1 in 3 women across the world – it prevents bladder weakness, rather than just managing it with pads or liners. There’s no need to visit a doctor, it will be available over the counter. Pelviva is a leading innovation set to disrupt a market that hasn’t changed in 20 years.

RTX is a marketplace that enables telecommunications carriers to buy and sell international wholesale voice and SMS termination capacity. It entirely eliminates the financial risks associated with striking high-value deals and enables Tier 1, Tier 2 and niche operators to transact with each other confidently and securely knowing payments are guaranteed, a service not currently provided by other platforms in the market.

Panaseer is a cyber-security company that is answering the question “How Secure Are We?”. The insight they can provide to enterprises is unrivalled – The Panaseer Security Data Lake brings the application of data science, advanced security intelligence and data engineering to enable them to adapt to the cyber security challenges they face. And it does it in a way that’s beautiful, timely and explorable, enabling better communication with key stakeholders and driving better security value. As well as growing a New York client base, Panaseer is currently working with several major UK Financial Services customers.

One of our first investments through The Pitch, It’s Time to Donate is a platform that connects charities to a pool of donated volunteer days from individuals inside registered firms. This gives charities instant access to large blocks of valuable professional services time, allowing them to focus their donations and other funds on their primary cause. It’s Time to Donate is disrupting the way that skilled professionals use the volunteer days provided by their employers, and challenging businesses to follow through on the investment they have committed to make.


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Prize Brokers does what it says on the tin – they can source any prize imaginable. They provide their clients with a single point of contact for promotion activation, saving them time and money. They specialise in prizes and partnerships that deliver successful acquisition, retention and sales promotions. Already a huge success in Australia, Prize Brokers have just launched in the UK and accelerated that launch with investment received in The Pitch.


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we:bo is a simple on-demand personal training service that instantly connects you to your own personal trainer for a live, interactive session delivered via a two-way video call. Simple.

Download on the App Store.

Musicplode is a media company that is looking to build an audience through a simple, fun, addictive music quiz game called Beat the Intro. Not everyone loves sport, but everyone loves music, so their audience is everyone! Their unique strategy revolves around discovery through partnerships, at a time where gamification is an increasingly important facet of marketing for global brands. With streaming going through the roof and downloads sinking through the floor, the time is perfect for Musicplode to make a real impact, right  at the forefront of creating new areas of monetisation for vast back catalogues.


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Hype is a progressive sports management company that develops lasting successful relationships with its clients. They advise and manage sports professionals, building connections between them and the corporate world, and ensuring that all they have to do is concentrate on their performance. Hype is a different type of sports management agency, looking to disrupt a traditional industry with a technology platform.


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Elixirr Capital, just another way we are changing the game.