Building Businesses

We build businesses. Not PowerPoint.

Whether it’s helping our large corporate clients respond to disruption by building on their existing business, helping them build a brand new business within their existing one, or building a totally separate entity, building businesses is what we do best.

We help large corporates move quickly, and operate like a startup by building new businesses (and capabilities) outside of the technology and governance constraints of their existing organisation.

With the right opportunity, we are happy to put our money where our mouth is and discuss real partnership models, where we can both benefit from the value we create together. This could be exchanging fees for savings, revenue or equity. Or, even creating an Elixirr-powered ‘engine room’ for a defined time to turbo-charge the business.

All this means complete alignment – a win:win for you and us, in the truest sense of the word. Once we get to scale and deliver results, we can then help you work out whether to spin off the business, or perhaps even migrate your existing business into the new entity.

Oh, and where incumbent organisations can’t (or won’t) disrupt their own industries, we build entirely new businesses that will… from the ground up.

We’re hands-on by design. We get stuck in. And we make the really difficult stuff happen. Quickly.

Struggling with growth? Creating value? Responding to disruptive competition?

Talk to us: let’s change the game together.


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We deliver action, achievable implementation that really works –
now & into the future.
That’s why we are the UK’s fastest growing management consultancy*.

Completely focussed on our clients.


We know that achieving success for our clients means success for our business and ourselves. You can sleep soundly knowing that we really care about the outcome of your project, because we really care about our own business.

Adding real value is what matters to us. Our solutions make commercial sense, beyond expectations every time.

No cookie cutters.

Our advice is 100% tailored and 100% independent. We don’t just pull it off the shelf. We listen to our clients, look at the problem holistically without forcing it into some old, irrelevant theoretical model.

We’re not constrained by the models we use and the people that created them are the people applying them. Our solutions set our clients up for success, we want them to be self-sustaining after the work is complete.

Real people.

We know that when you buy consultancy, you’re buying people. That’s why we make sure that the people we engage with our clients are easy to engage with.

We’re real people and we don’t separate ourselves from our clients. It’s always a partnership, so the team you would get will be a natural extension of your own.

No B teams.

On your project, you would get a small, high value team. The people who sold you our services are the ones who will turn up and do the work.

There are no passengers on board.


Agile by design.

We don’t intend to create a big machine. Our agility gives us our edge – the ability to listen better, respond faster and deliver the best possible experts relevant to your situation.

We’re not held back by processes and head office reporting – we keep it simple so all of our focus is on delivering better solutions for you.

The challenger consultancy.

You’ve heard of the challenger banks? We’re the challenger consultancy.

Large organisations trust us as their partner, we navigate them through today’s noise to ensure their survival in today’s transient world.

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Quality assurance

Our reputation is everything.

So, assuring the quality of everything we do, ensuring we meet our clients’ expectations is very important to us. This is more than just the quality of our output, it’s about looking at the broader requirements for project success and always acting with integrity. A Partner who is completely independent from our delivery team is assigned to every single one of our projects. Their role is to oversee, provide assurance, support and challenge throughout every engagement.

Doing things right.

We take a holistic view of what good looks like to ensure that we bring the best and most relevant capabilities to every client project. As well as the tangible deliverables, we also closely examine our solution design, planning, resourcing and our relationship with each client. This thorough review ensures that our clients always get the best outcome and value for money.

Doing the right thing.

We are 100% committed to always acting with integrity towards our clients, each other and the communities we work within. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.


*As listed by the Financial Times in the FT1000.

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