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Surpassing our growth trajectory through record results

Our first set of Annual Results demonstrated the scale of our team’s resilience, strength, and potential. We’re delighted to announce that 2021 has been no different, as we’ve seen our global team continue to deliver outstanding results. We’ve tackled our clients’ key challenges, helping them to navigate difficult macro-economic conditions, while ensuring their products and services stay at the forefront of the market through future-first innovation and strategy-led thinking.

£50.6m 2020: £30.3m

Total revenue for 2021


Adjusted EBITDA

2020: £9.7m


Adjusted EBITDA margin


Profit before tax

2020: £5.8m


Adjusted diluted EPS

2020: 15.3p


US revenue growth

The Elixirr team were incredibly flexible, leveraging the expertise and capabilities our team brought, the tools we liked and the way we thought. And that blend is what made the project so successful.

Sarah Chavarria

EVP, Chief People Officer – Delta Dental

8 Record revenue months
Increased Revenue per client-facing Partner
£31.8m Net cash 2020: £17.5m
£13.6m Free cash flow 2020: £11.2m

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