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We’ve created a different type of consultancy – the firm that we want.

It’s growing quickly and it’s evolving. But challenging ineffective convention is what we will always do, changing the game in our own industry and helping our clients change the game in theirs.

We’ve hand-picked the best consultants and senior players from industry and brought them together into one tightly-knit group of exceptionally skilled people. People who really understand how to effectively set up and manage big transformational programmes, making sure our clients’ businesses survive.

It’s this combination of different perspectives and experience that shapes our unique approach, creating a real impact in today’s world of converging industries.

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Our name comes from a play on the word ‘elixir’ and the financial metric Internal Rate of Return (IRR). An elixir is a medicine or remedy that cures all ills & IRR is a measure that compares the profitability of investments.

About our brand

Discover what's possible & make it happen.
What does it take to become the UK's Best New Consultancy?
Entrepreneurs - Impartiality - Aligning goals - Challenging convention - Leaders - Talent - Relationships - Mutual support - Quality - Success - People - Clear thinking - Honest dialogue - Creating a legacy - Business strategy - Operating strategy - Transformation - Change - Execution - Financial services - Consumer and commercial - Telecommunications - Energy - Private Equity - Capital - Foundation - Thought leadership - Emerging markets -
This is our story.
Elix-IRR Limited
Stephen Newton Andy Curtis Graham Busby Mark Goodyear Ian Ferguson
UK client
US client: NYK Line
German client: 02 Telefonica
Relationship with Russell Group universities established
South-African client: Standard Bank
Elix-IRR Partners LLP
Financial Services Practice
1st graduate hired
revenue growth
Promoted 1st partner from within Growing our own timber
Retail practice established
revenue growth
Russian client: Sberbank
Elix-IRR Capital launched
Telecommunications, Media & Technology
Established long-term partnership with
major client in Top 5
FTSE 100

Christmas party held simultaneously across
4 countries

Elix-IRR Capital makes 1st investments:
Femeda & Routetrader
1st long-term engagement in India
Elix-IRR app launched for iPad and iPhone

Named Best New Consultancy by the MCA
Private Equity practice established
Internal market established Partners realise equity value without need for an exit

Elix-IRR Foundation launched

5 years old
Established a
presence in the
startup ecosystems of
Silicon Valley,
London and Tel Aviv
Moved to new, bigger office in the City of London

Launched The Pitch

Entrepreneurs walk the talk, so we challenged our team to pitch us their business ideas for £1m investment from Elixirr Capital
5 Principals
promoted to Partner - Growing our own timber
London startup
accelerator launched
New brand identity launched becomes...

As you can see, the last six years have been quite a journey.

Trust us when we say we don't intend to stop here...

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