In our new series, ‘Blockchain Uncovered’, we’re bringing you exclusive insight from industry experts – those at the forefront of new developments. Whether you’re a crypto pro, or new to the subject and want to find out more, we’ll help uncover all things blockchain.

Adhara and the payments landscape

In this first episode, we speak to Edward Budd, Co-Founder of Adhara, a software FinTech that provides multi-currency liquidity management and international payment solutions. Working with two other UK FinTechs, Nivaura and Fnality, and in collaboration with Santander and NatWest, Adhara successfully completed the first pilot debt transaction on Ethereum, a public blockchain, and Fnality payment system.

In conversation with our team of financial services experts, Dieter Halfar, Daniel Lemcke and Keith Bear, Ed sheds light on what this milestone means for the reality of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and indeed the financial services as a whole…

For part one we explore: what is TestNet?👇