Now more than ever, it’s critical for business leaders to respond and adapt. Keeping global businesses, and therefore the economy, strong to protect our teams and society is our focus as we all adapt to a new normal.

But we must focus on the facts, not the media headlines which often spread fear and misunderstanding of the real situation. In that spirit, here is our Founder, Stephen Newton’s message to our firm yesterday. We wanted to share this with you too. You can keep up to date with our daily COVID-19 analysis here.

We’re working with senior business leaders around the globe to manage through the crisis and emerge stronger off the back of it. We hope this analysis will help us all see how recovery might play out. We’d love to hear what you think and please share this as widely as you can. We need to help everyone see the facts and avoid the headlines that tend to stir more emotion and fear than understanding and resolve.  

Of course, no one can ignore the human loss this virus has caused, and it’s vital that we continue to share information so we all better understand how we can help those who need it most.

We sincerely hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well at this time. Stay healthy and let’s all ensure we continue connecting with each other through this.