As a fast-growing business, it is important to us that we give back to the communities we operate in. And as our US business continues to go from strength to strength, our teams on the ground have been proudly supporting local, young entrepreneurs.

Nearly all organizations have established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, often with a list of pre-approved partners their staff can support. But we’ve always liked to do things differently… (and we think, just a little bit better). So, we challenge the traditional approach to CSR.

Our people pride themselves on seeking out opportunities that align with both their own, and our company’s, values and skillsets. By embracing different backgrounds, expertise and experiences, all our teams share an entrepreneurial mindset. We are a firm of entrepreneurs. And working with young entrepreneurs allows our teams to share knowledge of critical business components, such as planning, market positioning and financials.

For a number of years we have partnered with CareerReady, a charity supporting young people entering the working world in London, volunteering as mentors and advisors to school leavers who need career guidance. Recently, our team in the US have been supporting their local communities. In New York, we took the first steps in partnering with CareerReady’s sister organization, National Academy Foundation (NAF), to provide guidance and support for young entrepreneurs. In San Francisco, we are partnering with the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) which organizes competitions for young students with entrepreneurial ambitions.

John Stefani, one of our Principals based out of New York said,

“Finding a way to get involved in new things is a key part of what makes us Elixirr. Working with these students is great way to apply your skills and experience in a way which directly benefits a student who hasn’t necessarily had the opportunities or support that we often take for granted.”

Rory Farquharson, a Manager based out of San Francisco has been co-ordinating our community involvement in the US and said,

“In addition to helping the students, these engagements are also a great opportunity to see and hear how the next generation think. One of the mentees I worked with earnestly asked ‘why would anyone need to go into a bank?’, provoking a really interesting discussion into the spending and saving habits of the Gen-Z.”

But we’re not stopping there. Our teams are now looking at ways that we can support these organizations at the Advisory Board level, giving strategic advice on their direction and approach, as well as continuing to help individual students directly.

Find out more about the great work our team do, and how you can involved with the Elixirr Foundation here.