We are delighted to announce that Richard Spitzer, Ed Robinson and Rich Kerschner have joined our fast-growing team as senior leaders.

Richard Spitzer leads technology-enabled, enterprise transformations in capital-intensive sectors of consumer durables and industrials. He acts both as a strategic advisor and private equity investor in his capacity as managing partner for Spitzer Group LLC. He has built his expertise in large-scale transformations throughout his recognized management consulting career at Booz-Allen, A.T. Kearney, and most recently at Accenture where he was global head of automotive and industrials. Spitzer will lead Elixirr’s strategic expansion into the automotive and industrial industries, concentrating on disruptive transformations enabled by connected ecosystems.

With a long and successful track record in the automotive industry, Ed Robinson established his own advisory firm last year. Prior to this, he was President and CEO of Midwestern Auto Group, after 11 years as President and CEO of BMW Financial Services for the Americas Region. Robinson started at BMW in 1979, including tenure as President and CEO of BMW Canada, and COO of BMW of North America, the U.S. sales subsidiary. Based in New York, he will enhance Elixirr’s automotive and financial services offerings with the depth of his expertise across both industries.

An experienced lawyer, strategist and operating executive, Rich Kerschner focuses on growing and repositioning financial services and technology businesses within rapidly evolving environments. He joins Elixirr from Nex Group PLC (formerly ICAP). Rich has held leadership roles in market dominant as well as disruptive companies within the financial technology, trading venues, market utilities, futures exchanges, and mobile communications sectors. His depth of financial services expertise will add significant strength to Elixirr’s US business, specifically in Fintech and Capital Markets.

Stephen Newton, Founder and Managing Partner at Elixirr, says,

“We started our journey in the US back in 2015, when we first set up our innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley. Now we have multiple teams on the ground, working with some of the most forward-thinking companies across the country. We’re focused on helping large organizations who are at the forefront of where industries are being disrupted, so it’s no wonder we’re working extensively across banking and insurance today. We see a similar wave of disruption happening in the auto and connected mobility space and we’re confident we can deliver the same rapid results for these organizations as we have delivered many times across other industries. The combined strength of industry knowledge Richard, Rich and Ed bring to Elixirr is the reason I know they’ll achieve some amazing things with our team and our clients. I’m honored to have them all on board as we continue to build this business together.

Richard Spitzer, Non-Executive Partner, says,

“Disruptive, rapid change facing companies across all verticals in the US and globally has forced the high value consulting world to redefine itself. Elixirr embodies what I know the market now dictates: innovative thinking, challenging status-quo behaviors, and pushing the envelope for results at-speed. No more “meetings to have meetings to have meetings”, or “6-month diagnostics”, and the like. Not surprisingly, clients are responding quite positively to the differentiated approach of Elixirr, and I’m quite pleased to support the team as it accelerates its impact in the US and global markets.”

Ed Robinson, Associate Partner, commented,

Every industry is going through a period of significant transformation. There is broad awareness about the kind taking place in the financial services industry, but perhaps less so in the automotive space where Elixirr is poised to make a real impact. I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to help realize the firm’s ambitions, where its presence and the results of their work is certainly being noticed by some major players.”

Rich Kerschner, Senior Advisor to Elixirr, says,

“2018 is set to be an incredibly exciting year for Elixirr. The firm is growing fast, with a great roster of new and continuing clients. The amazing projects, initiatives and businesses that they’re building is what makes them a unique firm. It is Elixirr’s combination of a credible, established consulting presence, vibrant hunger of a startup, and the courage to think creatively about partnering with clients on actual results instead of just advice, that makes them truly special. I’m looking forward to working closely with the team to continue this growth story.” 

A very warm welcome to Richard, Rich and Ed!